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Hi everyone! I have a stop on the Reluctant Guardian blog tour today. There is a review of the book, an excerpt and a giveaway for you all.

Title: Reluctant Guardian
Author: Melissa J. Cunningham 
Published: September 20th, 2013 by Clean Teen Publishing
Word Count: approx. 82,000 
Genre: YA Mature Paranormal Romance
Content Warning: Topics such as suicide and sexual abuse implied but not described
Recommended Age: 14+

Guarding Brecken Shaefer—a dark and dangerous rebel—is harder than it looks.

Death was nothing like sixteen-year-old Alisa Callahan thought it would be. Resting on pink, fluffy clouds for eternity with her gram and best friend sounded like a dream come true. After all, enduring one torturous experience after another in her short life deserved some kind of reward, right? Unfortunately, eternal rewards aren’t given out so freely when you take your own life.

Required to pay the debt for committing suicide, Alisa must become a guardian. It sounds easy enough, but not when the boy she is forced to protect has a dangerous secret and wants absolutely nothing to do with her.

Brecken Shaefer isn’t any normal teenager. He has special gifts that are sure to make Alisa’s afterlife miserable. When feelings develop between them, everything spins out of control. Not only must Alisa face her own demons— but to protect Brecken, she must face an evil so heinous that it threatens to destroy their souls completely. Alisa is tired of hiding from her past. When the easiest thing to do is run, can Brecken give her the strength to stay?

My Review
Alisa thought everything would be perfect if she died. She has had a hard time while she was alive so she should get an easy afterlife. That is not what she gets after she commits suicide. She has to be a guardian to a boy named Brecken to get to move on. Brecken isn't a normal boy. He has to take care of his sisters and will do anything for them. He also is different and holds many secrets. Something dark is after him and it is up to Alisa to save him. That may be hard to do when she has to let go of her past and begins to fall for him. Can she save him and move on to a better place or will her own past and the darkness stop her?

This is a little bit of a hard book. Alisa has been through so much that it makes you feel so sorry for her. Even after she dies she has to face the fact her dying has an impact on those she loved. She tries her best to forgive and move on and it shows just how much she grows as a person.Brecken is a great guy even if he does stupid things sometimes. He does them for good reasons. He has a past even he doesn't understand. I really like the guardian aspect of this book and how they all aren't great people. This is your normal book with Angels it's something so much more. This book will reach down inside you and make you feel everything the characters do. If you want something fantastic to read pick this up.

I love the cover and after reading the book one scene stands out that fits the cover perfect.

4 out of 5 Stars

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I should have realized that suicide was not my best option. But like most teenage girls, I hadn't planned ahead. I never pictured my parents and brothers picking up the pieces of my broken life, or the empty hole I would leave in my wake.

I honestly didn't think anyone cared that much.

The medication I'd been taking hadn't helped matters either. My doctor prescribed it after the death of my beloved grandmother who'd lived with us since I was a baby. Three months later, my best friend Natasha, died from a brain tumor. Nothing could have shattered me more. Not just because Natty and I were closer than Siamese twins, but because we shared a dark, horrifying secret.

Something I'd never told anyone. Not even my parents. Once she was gone I didn't know how to shoulder that weight on my own. I was drowning in sorrow. I'd fallen into a dark pit and had every right to take that antidepressant. My parents thought it would help too.

I should have been more open about my feelings. I should have confided in my mom and dad. Explained that the medication wasn't working. That in reality I felt worse. But I didn't. I didn't realize the drug was affecting me adversely . . . until it was too late.

The only thing I wanted that night was to not feel anymore, to not have my heart ripping in two, and to not cry so hard that my whole body ached.

Would it be painful if I rammed my car into the tall pine at the curve of the road? Would it do the trick or just turn me into a vegetable for the rest of my life?

I gambled. I took a chance and got what I wanted. Death.

About the Author:
Melissa J. Cunningham began writing five years ago when she decided, out of the blue, to enter a community writing contest and won first place. From that moment on she had a new love: Writing. Melissa is a member of the League of Utah Writers. Her past publication experience includes a recurring opinion column called Writing Reality, for her local newspaper: The Leader

Melissa's first novel: Reluctant Guardian, was accepted for publication through Clean Teen Publishing in August 2013. 

When Melissa is not writing you can find her spending time with her family and her horses, cats, dogs and chickens or reading. Melissa is also a local music teacher.

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There is an international tour wide giveaway. Prizes include the following:GRAND PRIZE: A digital copy of Reluctant Guardian, a bookmark, and reader’s choice of any Clean Teen Publishing digital book and a $10 Amazon gift card.

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