Some Like It Sinful - Review

Some Like It Sinful (A Perfect Recipe #2)
by Robbie Terman

Their attraction is sinfully delicious…

A struggling business and one act of vandalism may have brought them together, but bakery owner Chloe Nelson and professional hockey player Griffin Lange get along like chocolate and pickles. Chloe needs the famous (and famously unattached) Griffin to attract people to her pastries, and Griffin needs the curvaceous and fiery Chloe to keep him out of trouble. A fake relationship to keep the media interested seems like the perfect plan.

But when temptation throws them into bed together, a new plan arises. Why not make the fake real? Griffin’s winning every home game, and Chloe’s business has never been better. Both know it’s only physical—and only temporary. But can they drop their defenses for love, even if it means getting a little bit sinful?

My Review
Chloe has finally opened up her own bakery and is ready for business. Then she discovers a huge franchise is opening up right near her. Her dreams may be over before they can get of the ground. She finds help in hockey player Griffin. He needs to help her to stay out of jail and she needs him to help her business. They develop a fake relationship to help both of them thinking nothing would come of it. However they can't keep their hands off each other thinking they can have a temporary relationship instead of a fake one. They are in the spotlight and things heat up in more ways than one. Is it a temporary fix or the real thing they have to discover the answer. 

Chloe is a female character I really like. She isn't stick thin and has curves to her. She has a sense of humor, very caring and is very sexy even if she doesn't realize it. She works very hard at her job and wants it to do good. She also at times doubts herself and she wants a fairy tale to happen. Griffin is the star everyone knows and at times he lets it go to his head. He is the party guy and wants to be the center of attention. He is a very sexy man and he knows it. You also get to see he is a very caring guy and wants to help his team mates in anyway he can and he helps Chloe when he can as well. He changes a lot in this book.

I really enjoyed reading this as the characters seemed real. The author does a great job creating characters you can like and understand. You feel like you are right along with them as they go about their lives. I like how Griffin has to face facts and while he is a grown man he really has to grow up in this book. He becomes a wonderful guy. Chloe has to face many things in this book as well as it seems she has many mishaps a long the way. The both of them are in the spotlight and they have to watch what they do. They have a lot of sexual chemistry and it really shows. There is also a mystery involved that you have to figure out. I did guess a bit of it but it didn't make any difference. This is a wonderful book I am sure many will love I look forward to the next book in this series as This author is a delight to read.

5 out of 5 Stars


Parts & Wreck - Review

Parts & Wreck
by Mark Henry

Wade Crowson, a brutish and brooding playboy and veteran vivisectionist for the Parts Department, runs into more than he bargained for in new partner, Lucid Montgomery, a quirky beauty with a bizarre secret and a string of psychiatric diagnoses she tries hard to keep hidden. Loving Luce will stamp a demonic target on her back and thrust Wade into a frenzied whirlwind of hilarious misunderstandings and, quite possibly, a stripping gig for emptynesters. Can they withstand the savagery of an exorcism (with or without the split pea soup) and come out alive and …in love?

My Review
Wade doesn't want to get to close to his new partner Lucid aka Luce. He has lost partners in the past when he got to close and doesn't want it to happen again. Demon hunting is a dangerous job and he doesn't want her to be the next victim. Luce has only her imaginary friend Hitch for a friend. She needs a job and this one seems to be perfect. Only trouble is Wade who she hooked up with during a speed dating. Now they have to work together. Luce has a problem even she doesn't know about and Wade will have to save her.

This book has plenty of laughs and well written characters. I like the plot of the story and it moves at a good pace. You see what made Wade the way he is and why he is good at his job. Luce is funny on her own as she has to deal with several things. These two don't want to get to close together but they can't fight what is between them like they can demons. I like how they are both very different but seem to work. The book is fast paced with lots of action and entertaining. The only problem I had with the book was I wanted to know more about the department. I think with some more details on it it would have been rated better for me and if at times the characters could have took a breathe. This is a good book many will enjoy and if you want a witty, action packed book pick this one up.

3 out of 5 Stars


Wild Card - Review

Wild Card
by Jamie Wyman
It was bad enough that gods gambled with human souls, but Catherine Sharp’s soul just had to be won by the Greek goddess of Discord, Eris. As if working a dead-end tech support job didn’t suck the life out of her as it was. Now, Cat finds herself performing random tasks for the goddess in her free time.

But when Coyote, the Native American trickster himself, claims to have won her own soul in Mayhem’s weekly poker game, Cat wants in on the action. With five sneaky gods upping the ante, Cat needs to find a way to collect the winning chips that could save her soul.
Marius, a handsome yet irritating satyr with his own debt to Eris, might finally come in handy for something. If they play their cards right and work together, Cat and Marius may just get their freedom back. If they don’t kill each other—or fall in love—first.

My Review
Cat just wants her soul back from Eris the goddess of Discord. Between working her tech support job and doing jobs for Eris she has no life. Now she finds just when she may be free her soul is on a gambling table with five gods. If she can get the chips they carry she may get free.  However with Gods and Goddesses you never know what they will throw at you. So with the help of Marius a satyr indebted to Eris she has to find the chips before time runs out. They don't get along and each has a secret but they have to learn to work together. They might just find more than their souls before it is over.

Cat is good at her job and at surviving. She has made mistakes in the past but now is trying to get over them and get her life back. She doesn't trust easy and she is more special than even she knows. She doesn't give up and keeps fighting. Marius is the sexy satyr who has a secret he does his best so no one finds out about. He at times can be a jerk and is very flirty. I really liked both of them.

This is a very entertaining book as you get to see several different mythological creatures and see what they have at their beck and call.You see just how little they care about human and how they just pass souls around when the cards are down. Cat does her best to get her soul back and has to fight with Marius help different creatures to get the chips she needs. I loved all the action and the way Marius and she have to work together even when they have never got along. They have a big spark between them you want to see grow. The author does a great job in creating this book as you never know what will happen next or what Cat will do. I was very surprised at the ending and thought it might turn out different. If you love reading about Gods and Goddesses, a book with action and sexual tension try this one.

4 out of 5 Stars


Eternal Blades Blog Tour - Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

Hi everyone! Today I have a stop on the Eternal Blades blog tour. There is a review of the book, an excerpt and a giveaway for you all.

Eternal Blades
Sekhmet’s Guardian’s Book Three
By: V.S. Nelson 

Tshering Snow never meant to fall hopelessly in love with her savior, the Ancient, known as Lance, but she did. He seems to care deeply for her, spending every available hour with her, but will he be able to give up his past and settle down with one woman? After all, he has the reputation of a playboy.

Lance hates the personification he has created around himself. Afraid the others might not understand why; he has held back the truth from Gabriel and the other Guardians, he has waited for the right woman, the one Sekhmet prophesized so long ago. And now he has found her. When he is accused of fathering a child by both Gabriel and Tshering, how can he make them believe the child is not his, even if the boy is a spitting imagine of him?

After the women are attacked by Set’s Legions while relaxing on Jennifer’s new yacht, they come to the unanimous decision; they will train and join the Guardian forces. But that’s not as easy as it was meant to be. Old fashioned and hard headed, Gabriel is determined he will not having women fighting in their war.

When Tshering, Jennifer and Jessica are taken hostage by Set’s Legions all hell breaks loose on the Guardian’s compound. Lost without their mates, brother fights brother while they try save their women and put an end to the Legion’s terror. Will Sekhmet, the goddess they serve, step in and reveal the truth or will she leave them to find their own solutions to a never ending war as she has in the past?

My Review
While everyone thinks Lance is a playboy and fathered a child he has to prove he didn't. It's hard to do when everyone thinks he sleeps around. As a Guardian he has kept a few secrets and his real love life is one of them. Tshering never expected to fall for Lance because of his reputation. She has fallen for him and now has to see if he will be true to her or still play the field. Lance will have to convince her that his secret is the truth. Tshering, Jennifer and Jessica decide they won't just sit by the side anymore and want to be Guardians as well. Gabriel is dead set against that as he believes woman are ment to be protected. When the woman are taken by Set's Legions it is up to the men to work together to get them back but they have  to stop fighting each other long enough to do so.

I haven't read the previous books in this series but I had no trouble figuring things out. The author gives you the background so you don't get lost. I liked all the characters a whole lot and will defentily have to get the first two books to see what I missed. Lance I really liked as he seemed to be one thing but after hearing his secret it made him very dear to my heart. I love how far he will go for the woman meant to be his mate. I also like how these women don't want to just sit by but want the right to fight as well.You get to see not just Lance and Tshering story but you also see quite a bit of the other two couples as well. I liked these Guardian and Set's Legion. It made for an interesting plot that kept you attention. I liked all the action and the pace of the book. I look forward to reading more books in this series. If you enjoy books with surprises, facsinating characters and more try this series.

4 out of 5 Stars

Lance led Gabriel up the two flights of stairs then waited for Gabe to lead him into the room the boy was given. Jennifer rose from her position next to the boy on the side of the bed when the two entered the room. Stepping back, she watched as Lance and Gabriel approached the bed.

Lance couldn’t believe what was lying in the large four poster bed--an exact miniature of himself. Running his hand over the top of head, which he often did when he had a puzzle to solve, he turned and looked at Gabriel.

“I don’t understand… How can this be? Gabe, I swear I’m as confused as you are… He can’t be mine, I swear it.” 

“You expect me to believe he isn’t yours. For Christ’s sake, Lance, take another look at that child and tell me he isn’t yours. We need to know who his mother is.” 

Tshering hearing Gabriel’s loud voice next door stepped out into the hall then into the room. Her eyes widened as she stared down at the small child, seeing the child’s face for the first time. 

She looked up at Lance, confusion written all over her face. “Why didn’t you didn’t tell me you had a son?”

“Tshering, he’s not mine… I swear it!”

Lance watched her eyes narrow in disbelief. She thought he was lying.

“God Damn it, doesn’t anyone here believe me? I’m telling you he isn’t mine… He can’t be.”

Author Info
With a love for history, Native American author V.S. Nelson, instructed elementary, high school and college in the U.S. and abroad before launching her second writing career. 

V has been a story-teller all her life, always creating stories about people discovering the courage to make a difference. This drove her into writing her paranormal series centering on strong relationships and led her to coin the term: Ancient Legends, New Worlds.

She is well known for her “time management and sprint style writing,” producing well over five thousand words daily - consecutively. 

V is available for speaking engagements, appearances and is more than willing to share her methodology with others in a variety of workshops. 

A member of three RWA chapters she sits on several committees and judges writing contests across the states. 

In Jan, 2013, Eternal Lovers, the first book in her eleven book paranormal series, Sekhmet’s Guardians launched with a fury. Being a series reader herself, she has held true to her promise by releasing no less than two books in the series per year in addition to her other work.

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Black Friday Extravaganza

Hi everyone! Today I am taking part in the Black Friday Extravaganza. There is a book spotlight on a great book and a giveaway for you all!
Fall For Me (The Tate Chronicles #1) by K.A. Last
“Angels aren’t supposed to fall in love, especially with each other. But for the record, you were worth it.”

Grace Tate is a Protection Angel and Vampire Hunter, and she has always followed the rules. But some rules are made to be broken…

Until now the fight against evil has been simple, and falling in love was never part of the plan. So what happens when it’s beyond Grace’s control, and when she least expects it she falls for the wrong person? 

All hell breaks loose, that’s what.

At Hopetown Valley High, not everything is as it seems, and the one person Grace thought was her enemy becomes her most important ally. 

Blood will be shed, lives will be lost and friendships will be tested. It all comes down to one decision, and when Grace tries to save all those dear to her, she realises not everyone can be—or wants to be—saved.

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K.A. Last
K. A. Last was born in Subiaco, Western Australia, and moved to Sydney with her parents and older brother when she was eight. Artistic and creative by nature, she studied Graphic Design and graduated with an Advanced Diploma. After marrying her high school sweetheart, she concentrated on her career before settling into family life. Blessed with a vivid imagination, she began writing to let off creative steam, and fell in love with it. She now resides in a peaceful leafy suburb north of Sydney with her husband, their two children, and a rabbit named Twitch.



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Unholy Night Cover Reveal

For folks who like their Christmas a little twisted, seven tales of charms and magic, curses and intrigue...

Featuring novellas from popular authors Linda Barlow, Andra Brynn, Carly Carson, Alana Albertson,  Kara Ashley Dey, Nicole Blanchard and Cherie Chulick.

Snap up this Christmas collection and spice up those frigid winter nights with a great story at an irresistible price. Seven riveting romances by award winning authors for $0.99. The perfect gift for you favorite bookworm. (Regular price: $4.99)

Releases December 2, 2013 at your favorite retailer in ebook and print.

A Kiss is Just a Kiss by Linda Barlow


It's Christmastide, but Holly Mathers can't seem to get into the spirit. She's been obsessing for weeks over a hook-up gone wrong with the hot, green-eyed Will MacIvey, who's treating her like the ghost of Christmas past. When she and her roommate are invited to a Winter Solstice celebration by their faculty advisor, Holly is thrilled to learn that Will is going to the party. Holly's roommate has procured a sprig of enchanted mistletoe that she plans to use to steal a kiss from the sexy professor. When she chickens out, Holly decides to try the spell on Will, hoping that a kiss under the mistletoe will remind him of the steamy night he seems to have forgotten. But magic always comes with a price…

About the Author

Linda Barlow lives in New England with her mysterious spouse (who sleeps during the day, which has often made her wonder if he's a vampire) and their equally enigmatic and nocturnal cat.


In the Bleak Midwinter by Andra Brynn


In the bleak midwinter...
With no money and nowhere to go, Ayla MacFarlane's first midwinter break from college returns her to the decaying house she grew up in--and to the shadow of her father, whose perverse obsession with her made her years there a misery. Now under her father's control again, Ayla knows that if she leaves once more it will only be a matter of time before their father turns his sights to her little sister Julia…

"There's a boy in the woods..."

But the hunted are not always without protection. While Ayla has been away, Julia has made friends with a mysterious boy in the woods that surround their property. Certain he is up to no good, Ayla sets out to confront him, only to find a beautiful young man who speaks in riddles and makes her heart race. What is stranger is that he knows things no human should know, and he tells Ayla that he can help her...for a price.

The hunt is on…

As the solstice nears, the time of reckoning is at hand. Will Ayla have the courage to reclaim all her father stole from her and protect her little sister, or will she be be a slave to her fear, and lose her chance to save herself forever?

About the Author

I write books. Obsessively. And I read books. Not quite as obsessively as I'd like, since there are all these books I have to write, you see. One day I will take a book vacation and do nothing but read my TBR list.


Love Charm for Dakota by Carly Carson


Nantucket is the home of hedge fund titans, old money and hidebound tradition. Habits are comfortable, and the habits of the rich are very comfortable. Into Cabot Saltonstall's sedate world blows Dakota Bishop, possessor of a wild spirit and a magical love charm. Cabot's blue-blood family history includes an ancestor who resigned from the Salem Witch trials, because he refused to believe in witchcraft.

But Cabot is all too willing to be bewitched.

Dakota can't stay still long enough for anyone to tie her down, nor is Cabot the right kind of guy for her. If only he'd have sex with her so she could get him out of her system. Why does he need to be so traditional with his emotions and plans for the future?

Does she know enough of witchcraft to overcome the spell of the accidentally cast love charm?

About the Author

Carly lives near Nantucket Island, where the Christmas Stroll is an annual event. Having found her own Prince Charming at a young age, she's never needed a love charm, but please join her as she tells the tales of other women who've used a bit of magic to find true love.

The Snow Queen by Alana Albertson

Five years ago, Cambridge Ballet's Sugar Plum Fairy and Cavalier vanished after performing The Nutcracker. Despite extensive city and statewide searches, no traces of them, besides their ballet slippers, were ever found. Every year since, another member of the cast has gone missing after closing night: the Mouse King, an Arabian Dancer, The Dew Drop Fairy, a Flower. Nieves Alba, who as a thirteen-year-old played Clara in the first ill-fated performance, is now cast as the Snow Queen. On closing night, every police officer in Boston surrounds the theater, determined to catch the perpetrator whom they’ve dubbed “The Nutcracker.” Can Nieves break the curse or will she be the next victim of America's favorite ballet?

About the Author

Alana Albertson never was fortunate to get cast as the snow queen though she did play the soldier. She has extensive collections of snow globes and nutcrackers but none of them have ever been enchanted.


How Lovely Your Branches by Kara Ashley Dey


Recluse, Katie Crowe, has observed the world from a window in her father's loveless house. With the death of her father and the departure of her only friend, Katie sees no point in venturing out. Then a new neighbor and his three female companions take up residence across the road in the very house her friend had vacated four months ago. Gabe's eyes hold a promise to Katie when she gazes into them--a way out of her lonely prison, if she could but step beyond her threshold. Something holds her back: Though the past and its people seem far from her now, the trees still know her haunting secret.

About the Author

Kara Ashley Dey is a writer of UF and Sci-Fi Romance. Her alter ego is an abbynormal cg artist.


The Perfect Gift by Nicole Blanchard


Sera Flaherty would rather take lumps of coal and be committed to the naughty list for life than admit that she has a role to play in her failing marriage. She deludes her way into a negative bank balance  and is left with no chance of getting her husband Spencer a present. When faced with the reality of their relationship, Sera finds she's willing to sacrifice anything to fix her mistakes and find her husband the perfect gift...even if doing will cost more than she bargained for.

About the Author

Nicole Blanchard loves receiving gifts from strangers so long as they don't come with an ominous warning or risk of dismemberment. She also enjoys taking full advantage of the fringe benefits of being on the naughty list in her spare time.


Until the Twelfth Night by Cherie Chulick


Lady Elizabeth Darling has fled her overbearing family to spend the holidays with her late husband’s Aunt at Scarsbury Manor in the hills of Herefordshire. What she hoped would be a quiet Christmas quickly turns upside down as strange sightings begin to stack up and rumors fly that the great house is haunted. She tries to stay out of the drama, but when a young maid who also lost her lover in tragic circumstances asks for her help to move forward she drops everything to come to her aid. With age old traditions underway and a diverse guest list including the handsome and outspoken Captain Wolfe on the premises, can Lady Elizabeth heal both their hearts and find love before it’s too late?

About the Author

Cherie Chulick will not be spending her Christmas holiday at a haunted manor, but she does keep an eye out for the occasional ghost. Fortunately the glow of her Kindle seems to keep them at bay.


Lady Elizabeth Darling has fled her overbearing family to spend the holidays with her late husband’s Aunt at Scarsbury Manor in the hills of Hereford

Deadly Captive & Collateral Damage Blog Tour - Review & Giveaway

Hi Everyone! Today I have a stop on the Deadly Captive and Collateral Damage Blog Tour. There is a review of both books and a giveaway for you all.

Deadly Captive & Collateral Damage
By: Bianca Sommerland
This book contains material not suitable for readers under 18. While there are aspects of BDSM in several scenes, many are dub/non con. This book contains situations that some may find disturbing, including torture and rape which is part of the story and not intended for titillation. This book contains violence, sex, and blood, among other things. Reader discretion is advised.

Blurb (Deadly Captive, Book 1)
Lydia awakes, bound and blind, to the whispered urgings of a man who has his hands on her. His words confuse her at first, but she soon understands they are both in the middle of a performance that will determine whether she remains in captivity or dies.

The crowd must be entertained, and her cellmate makes sure it is. 

Forced submission is not the only horror Lydia endures. She has no memories of life before her imprisonment, and Joe, her cellmate, is her only comfort as the powerful creatures that hold them captive torture and debase her. Together, she and Joe cling to the will to survive long enough to break free and seek revenge. Their desire to sustain one another triumphs over their wardens' efforts to destroy them. There is no pain, no suffering, that can tear them apart. 

Beyond their cell, their love is tested. Can they hold strong in the face of the challenge of the new powers they have gained along with their freedom? 

My Review
Lydia awakens to find she is captive and must perform in front of  an audience or die.Joe the man with her whispers to her and makes what is fixing to happen a little more bearable. He is a captive just like her and wants her to live. Lydia doesn't remember her life before and without Joe her life with these new monsters would be hell. They have to do unspeakable acts and only encouraging each other help them through. They are pushed to their limits but they won't give up. They grow to love each other only to fall apart when freedom is at hand. They have to get their heads together if they want to survive even after they escaoe the horror.

First let me say take the warning that comes with this book. It is not a mild book and has many, many rough situations. If that upsets you then this book is not for you. It is a very hard core book that will leave you wondering how these people don't give up. Lydia has to have a lot of  strength and drive to get through her capture. She really goes through hell and back. I felt so sorry for her. Joe does the best he can to help her but he has to do things against his will as well. Both these characters are tortured. I will say I love how they fight back and try to stop the evil. They both have fallen in love in a horrible place and along with their new powers don't know how to act at first. I cringed so much reading this book and if it wasn't for the love Joe and Lydia had it would have just been a horror book. If you like an extremely dark, twisted book that keeps you on the edge of your toes then you may like this one. It is very well written I will say and I will say it isn't like anything I have every read. It has lots of sex, rape and torture scenes so be warned.

4 out of 5 Stars

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Blurb (Collateral Damage, Book 2)
Stolen from a bright life full of colors, happiness, and youth, Nicole Reed is dragged into a pit of pain and depravity where all she can hope for is a quick end. But her captors don't want to kill her. They want to use her to teach a little boy whom they plan to mold in their image.

She must free him before that happens. Only she can't stand against those who hold him, not alone. Her only hope is Vince, one of her tormentors, who may still show a glimmer of humanity.

Or maybe that's just a trick of the light. 

Warning: BDSM, graphic violence, dubious consent, forced sex, forced M/M sex, less than willing participation in edge play, content that some readers will consider objectionable including hot sex with a drool-iciously evil man.

My Review
Nicole was forced to watch her friend die, kidnapped and raped several times. She just wants to give up and die. She won't because the reason she was kidnapped was to teach a little boy. She will do whatever she has to to keep him safe. While she begins to fall for one of her kidnappers, she sees she still isn't safe in this horrible place. She along with others must see which ones get to stay and teach the boy and who will die. She can only hope the one who holds  her heart can help her get free with the boy.

Just like with the first book take the warning issued with this book. It has rape, torture and more hard scenes in it. Nicole at first seems like she will give up easy. She doesn't though she fights back doing what she can. She is afraid to face what is in font of her at times and just what kind of monsters these are. Vince you can't tell what to think of at first he takes some getting used to. He is a bad guy after all and does bad things but you just sense that underneath more is going on. You get to see some of the characters from the first book come back and I will say the ending had me surprised. Just when you think you have read everything the author could do to these people you get a curve ball. I will read the next one as I have to see where they go next.

4 out of 5 Stars

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Author Info
Tell you about me? Hmm, well there's not much to say. I love hockey and cars and my kids…not in that order of course! Lol! When I'm not writing—which isn't often—I'm usually watching a game or a car show while working on promo. Going out with my kids is my only down time. I get to clear my head and forget everything.

As for when and why I first started writing, I guess I thought I'd get extra cookies if I was quiet for awhile—that's how young I was. I used to bring my grandmother barely legible pages filled with tales of evil unicorns. She told me then that I would be a famous author.

I hope one day to prove her right.

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