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Hi everyone! Today I have a stop on the City of the Divine Sun blog tour.. There is a review of the book, an excerpt and a giveaway for you all.

City of the Divine Sun
Holly McCaghren

A famous archaeologist, last rumored to be in search of a hidden Maya city in Guatemala, has gone missing. Her daughter. Serena, worried and overcome by strange visions, abandons everything to search for her mother and the answers to the apparitions that have begun to haunt her.

Her mother wasn't the only one searching for Mah K'ina. The Baron seeks to plunder the city for its untold riches and is willing to eliminate anyone that gets in his way. Out of her element and desperate to save her family, Serena must now rely on her past to show her the way.

My Review
Serena has went to Guatemala to hint for her missing mother and answers to why she has strange visions. Her mom may have the answers she needs and Serena may be able to help her find the hidden Maya city Mah K'ina. A man called the Baron is also looking for her mom and it's a race to find the hidden city. Serena has to rely on her visions to find the missing pieces and stay ahead of the Baron. She finds help in ways she never would have dreamed of and finds she is more different than she thought.

This was a very entertaining read. I loved going along on the adventure and seeing lots of hidden artifacts and treasures though the authors eyes. I really liked Serena as she really hasn't seen her mother much while she was growing up and hadn't heard from her dad since she was a child. She really isn't used to jungles or her visions but she works at improving them. She also has an odd relationship with Ryder. Ryder has his own secrets and for a long time you aren't really sure what side he is on. He always has Serena's back and you can tell they like each other but there isn't a love thing going on. This book is more a dangerous adventure and about Serena learning her heritage and about her powers. I have to say besides the Baron the one character I didn't like is Serena's mom. She is so absorbed in her work she doesn't at times seem to care that she has a family. In some ways she is very selfish. If you like to explore hidden cities with danger all around you will like this book. You also have that magical feel as you watch Serena grow in her abilities and come into her own.

4 out of 5 Stars

Serena was still in shock, but she knew they would never be able to enter the city without that stone. The stone that this stranger, however handsome he might be, held in his hand.
"Please, you have to give me that stone."
"Excuse me?"
"You don't understand. We need it. Name your price."
He laughed again.
"It's not for sale, sweetheart."
"What? Why? Then, why are you here?"
"Because, I want to know how you're finding these stones. What are you stirring up in these humid jungles?"
"That's none of your business. What does it matter to you, anyway? It's just some stone."
"It's a family heirloom. And apparently it is 'some stone' that means a great deal to you, too."
Ryder looked at her speculatively, sizing her up.
Serena was suddenly filled with an uncontrollable anger at this man and his mocking. After hiking through the jungles, being pursued relentlessly by a power-hungry Barón…it was too much for her. She lunged at Ryder's hand, grabbing for the stone.
Moving like lightning, he jerked his hand back, reaching around with the other hand to grab her, spinning her around and pinning her against him.
She struggled madly, trying to twist her hands free and get the key.
"You don't understand. You have to give it to me."
"Ha! Is that your idea of rationalizing your little outburst?"
"Outburst! How do you justify stalking us through the forest? Is that supposed to be reasonable?"
"It's not like you would have just told me if I'd asked."
"Yeah, and it's not like you'd just give me the stone if I asked."
She lifted her leg and jammed her heel into his foot. Ryder let out a loud grunt, and released his hold on her. He accidentally dropped the stone onto the ground.
Serena dove for it, but he was too quick, already recovered. He jumped down on top of her, trying to pry the key out of her grip.
They rolled around on the ground in a blur, but after a valiant struggle, Ryder had her pinned again.
He pulled her wrists up above her head and held them with one hand while he wrenched the key out of her hand again and put it back in his pocket.
"Well, I guess I'll be taking this back, if you don't mind."
Serena growled at him.
"Quite the feisty one, aren't you?"
"Get off me!"
"Not until we reach an agreement."
She reluctantly settled down a little then, at least willing to hear his proposal…and also because she couldn't do much of anything else at that moment.
"What did you have in mind, exactly?"
"Obviously you can't do whatever it is you're planning on doing without this stone. And likewise, you won't satisfy my curiosity. So, I propose that you let me accompany your little party and I'll let you use the stone in exchange. You might even find you don't mind having me around."
"Fat chance!"
She gave one last effort, struggling as hard as she could, but knew it wouldn't do any good. She gave up, sighing.
Would it really be so bad to have him around? I have more than enough trouble with the Barón right now, without worrying about making more enemies…
She glared at him for a long moment before responding, "Fine. But you have to agree not to interfere…and not to ask questions."
"I won't promise not to ask questions…but I won't interfere."
"That's probably too much to ask from you... But, I guess it's a deal."

Author Bio
I was born and raised in the Houston, Texas area, and have lived in Texas my whole life! (Gotta love humidity!) I currently live in central Texas with my husband and two sons.

Nothing makes me happier than settling down with a good book, but they aren't always easy to find! Some of my favorites (in no particular order) include: Jane Eyre, The Blue Sword, Dracula, Ender's Game, Heir to the Empire, and the Harry Potter series. I love a good scifi/fantasy book, but it certainly isn't limited to that genre.

You can read all about my current/published novels on my webpage,, as well as on Goodreads. Happy reading!



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