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The Execution
By: Sharon Cramer

Tomorrow…he would be dead

Fourteenth Century France 

D’ata, a young priest, is a dark angel amid the death and despair of the medieval prison. As he enters the cell of the condemned man—the mercenary, the evil one—D’ata is immediately transfixed by the killer’s eyes. He is shocked to discover that the face of the murderer is his own—a mirror image of himself. 

The twins, unknown to each other until now, reveal the life events that brought them to this fetid dungeon, creating an unbreakable bond sealed with their darkest secrets. But with only hours until the execution, D’ata begins to question which man should truly be condemned. Should it be Ravan, the ruthless killer—a boy from an orphanage who suffered the unimaginable? Or should it be himself, the man of God whose own tormented desires ended in tragedy for the only woman he ever loved…and in the inescapable darkness of his own soul? 

As the sun rises, D’ata knows what he must do. Only one man would die…but two men would be free.

My Review
D'ata is a priest who goes to read a condemned man his last rights. What he finds is a man who looks just like him. As the two discover they are really twins they share how they have got to this point in their lives. Both have fallen in love but both have lived very different lives. As Ravan's last night draws to an end D'ata will do whatever he can to help the brother he never knew.

This is an interesting story as from the first I wondered what kind of priest D'ata could be. e didn't act like the other priest. As he faces Ravan the story really starts for me. They tell each other how they grew up and in some ways it makes you wonder if they had grown up different would things change. I didn't like D'ata to much at first bit once I heard his tale he grew on me. He ran away with the girl he loved and was chased by many. I liked him more as I saw what all he went through. Ravan I have to say I liked from the start. He really grew up hard as he was a servant and more. he made several friends along the way and sometimes more than love. Their stories are told in flashbacks so you see them then and now. I liked the ending and I think the book is a good read. The cover matches the story very well and I really like that.

3 out of 5 Stars

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Author Info
Sharon Cramer is an aspiring time-traveler, overlord(ess), alien princess, and master painter of Halloween faces. In the meantime, she writes from a dank, dark cave, somewhere in Washington State. She's just released the first in an epic Sci-Fi fantasy series called THE CERULEAN STAR, and has a breakthrough novel, beloved by an amazingly loyal following, called THE EXECUTION. Movie release 2015!

When not painting monsters and planning historical ruin and perfectly crushed hearts, Sharon can be found on horseback, running through the woods of Eastern Washington. Driven by sleeplessness and a seemingly endless draw to the keyboard (and the more than occasional extra strong coffee) she is inspired by unorthodox friends and extreme weather. Mother to three sons, a nerd horse, a bad cat, and eleven fish (who all have names) she is married to a man who surely has won the Nobel Prize for Extreme Tolerance.

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