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Hi everyone! I have a stop on the Luke blog tour today. There is a review of the book and a giveaway for you all.

A Forbidden Lust Novella
By: Diana Bocco

Of all the men in the world, Cailin Walker fell in love with the one she cannot have. The one her sister married.

Billionaire Luke Blackwell made the biggest mistake of his life when he married the wrong Walker sister, but that’s one mistake he intends to rectify.

Cailin’s stayed away for the past three years to fight what she feels. 

But all it takes is one drunken mistake for passion to ignite. 

Now that they’ve tasted the forbidden, there’s no turning back. They’ll either have to fight the passion threatening to consume them or take a chance and risk losing everything. 

Losing it all might just be worthy. 

The FORBIDDEN LUST novellas are erotic romances intended for mature audiences. 

My Review
Luke is in a horrible marriage and wants out. He knows he will lose a lot of his money but it will be worth it. Especially since he sees now he married the wrong sister. Cailin has loved Luke for years. She believes her sister only went after Luke because she knew Cailin had feelings for him. Now after they finally get together they know nothing can keep them apart.

I enjoyed this story. It is short but very hot. Luke in some ways may seem like a jerk. He goes after what he wants but as you read you see he really cares about Cailin and wants her. He doesn't care what it will take to get rid of his wife. He is willing to give her tons of his money. Cailin is super sweet. She tries even knowing how her sister is to give them a chance at a happy marriage and let her own feelings stay hid. She finally can't hold back any more and you see how hot she can be. This book is packed full of sizzle and heat. While they start out in a relationship in a bad time you can't help but wish them the best. If you like hot steamy stories be sure to try this one.

4 out of 5 Stars

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Author Info
Growing up, Diana Bocco wanted to be Indiana Jones. She ended up not pursuing a degree in Archaeology (though she toyed with the idea for a while) but she did become a huge lover of travel and history. Aside from traveling to all corners of the world, Diana has also lived in five countries in three continents -- including three years in Siberia and two in Vietnam. She's currently living in Thailand. 

Diana is also the author of the dystopian/vampire romance, City of the Fallen, as well as other novels and nonfiction books. You can find her on Facebook at or visit her website at

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