The Valentine's Day Disaster : Review

The Valentine's Day Disaster (Twilight, Texas)
by Lori Wilde

A Twilight, Texas Novella 

Valentine's Day can be a real disaster … even in a town like Twilight, Texas!

These days, event planner Sesty Snow is no fan of hearts, flowers, or goo-goo eyes over dinner. She's learned to be in control of her life and her emotions. Still, running Twilight's annual Valentine's Day bachelor auction is right up her alley—until her high school sweetheart zooms back into town. He's still heart-stoppingly handsome, but it's clear he hasn't changed the daredevil ways that put the brakes on their first love.

Injured NASCAR driver Josh Langtree isn't up for being anyone's sweetheart these days either. He's just looking for a place to lick his wounds … until a misunderstanding lands him doing community service in Sesty's auction. Soon he finds himself standing in front of hundreds of screaming women—wearing a tux and a smile. And then there's Sesty—looking as tempting as ever.

He says he's changed, and the sparks between them are flying fast and furious, but can Sesty trust Josh to take the wheel and drive her into the future she never dreamed possible?

My Review
Sesty doesn't care for Valentine's Day. She isn't into all the lovey stuff but she is into helping her town. She is busy running the bachelor action and has her life on a steady path. The last thing she expected was her ex to show up. Josh was injured while racing in Nascar and has come home to recover. He has great memories of Sesty and has to help her out as part of a community service. He arrives at a good time s he is needed to fill in on the auction. the two split up because they had different wants but now those wants don't seem to bad. Can Sesty let go of control and Josh get under control to give their love another chance?

This was a quick enjoyable read. I liked Sesty from the start. She seems like she is really strung tight and doesn't like things to be out of order. The more you read the more you see she is just afraid to let things go. Josh has always lived the fast life and while he loves what he does he is thinking of changing things. He is tired of all the stress that comes with the driving and just wants to enjoy the speed. He also wants to give thing with Sesty another try. He has to convince her that it is a good deal. I love how these two really balance each other and how it's a story of past loves reuniting. I am a sucker for those. This is a very charming story that I would recommend to anyone who wants a quick great story.

4 out of 5 Stars

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