Spellbound in Sleepy Hollow: A Von Tassel Sisters Anthology : Review

Spellbound in Sleepy Hollow: A Von Tassel Sisters Anthology
by Patricia Eimer, Rosalie Lario,Boone Brux 

The Von Tassel sisters are in deep. With a new inn opening up to non-magic guests, these three witches have enough to worry about, but after a deal with the Headless Horseman, all three Von Tassel sisters must find their true loves by All Hallow's Eve or forever be trapped as ghosts in Sleepy Hollow like their ill-fated aunties.

Will Stephanie be able to forgive her playboy ex? Will Bri be able to win back her childhood cruch-turned-ghost hunter? Will Lexi be able to sway her supernatural employee? And will they all be able to fall in love by the week's end?

My Review 
The Von Tassel sisters have decided to open an inn to both magical and non magical people. They have to make sure they can hide the magic from the ones who don't know about it. When it looks like everything may go wrong one of them calls upon the headless horseman to help out. The deal includes they must all find there true loves by All Hallow's Eve or like their ghost aunt be trapped in the world as ghost to haunt the place. With a short time to find them they have their hands full with more than just keeping the inn going.

Bewitching Her Enemy by Patricia Eimer
Stephanie has to learn to forgive her ex Carson who she believes cheated on her. She doesn't want to get her heart broke again and she knows he is a guy who likes to play around. Her aunt Katarina is left haunting the place after her love Brom left her after declaring his love for her. They haven't spoke in a very long time. Now both couples must try to work things out to save the inn and to not spend from now on as ghost.

I liked this story as both Stephanie and Katarina are the ones who called the horseman up. They both have trust issues and have to work through them. Katarina can be very stubborn at times. Carson is actually a great guy and I like what kind he turned out to be. Brom has nothing but love for Katarina even when she won't speak to him. Both couples add something special to this story. 

Under His Spell by Rosalie Lario
Brianna always liked Jason growing up. She was in love with him but he never knew it. He didn't have magic so she tried to get him out of her mind. Now he is a tv show host and back in town. Just when they think they might have a shot a woman shows up and is determined to get Jason for herself. Jason seems strange at times and Brianna has to figure out why. You also have the story of her aunt Elizabeth and her lost love Edward. He died while leaving town and she married his brother instead. Now she is trying to get him to listen to her and forgive her. I liked all of these characters and at times really laughed while reading this. Jason has a few tricks up his sleeve he doesn't tell Brianna about.

Hexing Her Ex by Boone Brux 
Lexi knows it is up to her to find true love as her sisters have all found theirs. Time is running out and she isn't sure how she will find him in time. She is only attracted to one man and he can't be the one for her she thinks. Handyman Tristan likes Lexi and helps her in anyway he can. This also has the story of Cassandra and Jacob. Jacob left Cassandra married another woman and Cassandra gets stoned to death. Both of them get stuck as ghost and Cassandra refuses to even listen to Jacob. I have to say for me Cassandra was the highlight of this story. She really pops out and does some crazy stuff. Add in a woman looking for her ancestors who really pushes Cassandra's button and you get tones of laughs. This story wraps up all three and it does a great job of it. I even enjoyed the horseman in this book.

If you want an entertaining book about a legend you surely have heard of try this one. The is love, laughter and great plots in all three stories. I like how it all wrapped up nicely but I would have loved to see more because I enjoyed these characters so much.

5 out of 5 Stars

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