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Hi everyone! I have a stop on the Wicked Sexy blog tour today. There is a review of the book and a giveaway.

Wicked Sexy
Uniformly Hot!
By: Anne Marsh
Releasing June 17th, 2014
Harlequin Blaze

Too sexy to resist?

Danielle Andrews was supposed to be on her honeymoon. Instead, she's back on Discovery Island licking her wounds and running for shelter when she sees Daeg Ross coming her way. Years ago, on this very beach, Dani started something with the special ops aviation rescue swimmer. But she refuses to be tempted by the wickedly hot military hunk again.

Daeg Ross is used to jumping into treacherous waters. But his feelings for relationship-shy Dani are a whole new type of risk. They are volatile—and irresistible. When their lives are threatened by the invading winds and endless rain of a tropical storm, Daeg and Dani are forced to take shelter and ride out a wild night. Together, will they sink…or swim?

Uniformly Hot! The few, the proud, the sexy as hell!

My Review
Daeg has went back to Discovery Island to help his friends out and recover from an injury. He has to decide if he wants to reenlist or what he wants in his life. He loves saving people and hates to give it up. Dani has come back to the island on what should have been her honeymoon. When she breaks it off she decides to go on it alone. Helping her grandparents is something she couldn't say no to. Now they meet on the beach. The same beach they met on years ago when they were young. They were attracted to each other then but the time just wasn't right. Now a storm is headed for the island and it may just give them the chance to see if they have a chance together.

Dani is the type who likes things to be thought out and organized. She is a sexy woman but her ex destroyed her confidence. She wants Daeg and is wanting to have a fling with him she is just afraid she won't be able to let go. Daeg has guilt riding him from a past mission. He is the type of guy who will jump to save someone whether his life is in danger or not. He wanted Dani years ago but knew they were to young.

This is a short story but very enjoyable. I love Dani and Daeg. they seem like total opposites but they do work well together. Both like to help others and have some issues in their past they are working through. There is lots of passion between them. I like how Daeg wants o be sure Dani is happy and how he helps her with her confidence. Another thing to love about him is he is more than happy to let her try to help. A lot of guys like to be in charge and while he is he also gives her the chance to try stuff. It gives him bug bonus points as a man to me. There is also danger in this book and it all wraps together to make a great story. If you want a quick read about great characters give this one a try.

4 out of 5 Stars

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Author Info
After ten years of graduate school and too many degrees, Anne Marsh escaped to become a technical writer. When not planted firmly in front of the laptop translating Engineer into English, Anne enjoys gardening, running (even if it’s just to the 7-11 for slurpees), and reading books curled up with her kids. The best part of writing romance, however, is finally being able to answer the question: “So… what do you do with a PhD in Slavic Languages and Literatures?” She lives in Northern California with her husband, two kids and four cats.

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  1. What's not to like? I think it does help if the guy is good looking and has some muscles to fill out the uniform. I think for me, it's how good he looks in it! =)

  2. A man in uniform is very confident. That makes him sexy. And if he fills out the uniform nicely, that's a major plus point.


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