Blackness Within Review

Blackness Within (The Blackness #5) 
by Norma Jeanne Karlsson

Fighting to find his worthy place in life… 

This is the story of a woman that has worked tirelessly to build her own life from nothing. While the task has been exhaustive, it’s been worth every drop of sweat to earn her own slice of normal. Natasha Reynolds has built a life beyond an absent mother and a drug addict brother to become a home-owning, dog-loving nurse. But no matter how much distance she puts between the present and her past, she always finds herself dealing with the messes of those she loves. Once again, a hasty decision to save her beloved brother’s life has put Natasha in peril. With nowhere to turn, she goes to the only place she has left.

Brian O’Sullivan.

He’s an attorney, a ladies’ man and nothing but trouble. Natasha has spent two and a half years avoiding Brian’s smoldering grin and his smooth pickup lines. While he spends his days in courtrooms and suits, Brian would much rather be bloodying his knuckles and relishing in the crushing of bones. In order to help Natasha, he will have to be both the professional and the fighter. As Brian demolishes opponents, Natasha will struggle to hang onto her life. They will be ripped apart by the evil underbelly of the crime world and wage a war to escape the blackness within it that threatens to swallow them whole.

My Review 
Brian O'Sullivan is by day a lawyer and at when not working anything but the perfect guy. He loves to fight, loves to be with many women and is not looking for anything long term. He has never had a woman he wanted to keep. When he meets Natasha he wants her but she turns him down. For years he has spent trying to get close to her. She keeps him intrigued like no other has. When her dope addicted brother lands her in a mess she turns for help and he is there to help her. Natasha has tried to stay out of the mess her brothers life is but she is always there to help him. She is a nurse and loves helping people. She lives alone wit a dog as her only companion. Now her life is in danger because of her brother and Brian may be the only hope she has. She wants him but is afraid to get close to him. A sacrifice has to be made and it may cost her and Brian their happiness. Brian will have to fight to save her and let the darkness he has within his self out.

Natasha is a very caring, sweet woman who really has been used all her life by her family. She never seems to be able to say no when they need something. She does have a backbone of steel when it comes to others and tries her best to stay away from guys who fit a certain mold. She really has to dig deep down and do things she never wanted to do to help her brother. She is very sexy and can be stubborn which makes her a great character. Brian O'Sullivan aka Sully. First of all reading this series I have always liked Sully. He is very sexy, tough and you just know one night with him wouldn't be enough. He is loyal to his family and friends and will let no one hurt them. He is the type of guy you want on your side. He has faults so he is not perfect and that in many ways makes him a greater character. He says things without thinking, he can hurt people without realizing he is doing so and he is afraid to let one woman have his heart. He pushes away at times when he should be letting Natasha closer. As usual if you have read the series the others you have come to know are all here and I love them more each time I read about them.

I really don't know how the authors does it but she makes these characters seem like real people. You feel as if they are your family as well reading about them and you just want to be a part of their family. The women are tough and will do anything to protect their families. If you like strong females you will love this series. Natasha at first I wasn't sure how she would fit in with Sully. She doesn't seem like the type that can hang with all that goes on in his life but she really surprised me in how awesome she truly is. She has to face giving herself up to save her brother and she does her best to hang on and do what it takes. I hate what she has to go through. Sully when he sets is mind on something doesn't give up. He does whatever it takes to try and get her back. As usual never think you see something coming in these books as the author will surprise you. This one has twist and turns I did not see coming. There is tons of danger in this book as there is truly some twisted humans in it. I do like a few of the surprises I got in this one and while I love Kid I have to say her little sister surprised me a bunch in this one. I know it's a ways off but I can't wait for her story. These peoples lives are far from perfect and they have an odd family of sorts but you will love them. If you haven't read this series yet I recommend you hurry and do so. It has love, passion, danger, twist and turns and so much more.

5 out of 5 Stars

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