Her Desert Treasure : Review

Her Desert Treasure
by Larie Brannick
Inheriting her grandfather’s ranch is the perfect opportunity for Meg Reynolds to begin again. The land is her only chance to hold onto the last bit of family she had. But Jake Matthews has other plans. He says her grandfather wanted a horse refuge on the land, and despite the heat blazing between them, Jake will do whatever it takes to get what he wants.

What Jake realizes he wants is Meg, but someone’s threatening her and seems willing to kill her for her land. Meg doesn’t know who she can trust. When she’s kidnapped, it’s up to Jake to help rescue her before he loses the chance to tell her that he cares more for her than the land that stands between them…

Meg has returned home after her grandfather died. She is ready to stat her life over and this is the perfect place to do so. She wants to do what her grandfather always wanted and to make something of her self. She has a problem when someone else claims to have been granted the land and now that person doesn't seem to be willing to take no for an answer. She meets Jake and while she doesn't trust him at first she can't help but fall for the handsome vet. Someone is after Meg and it may take Jake's help to put a stop to them. They have to figure out who it is and fast. They also have to deal with a woman who wants Jake for her own and jus when their relationship is getting started.

I have to say I love Jake from the start. Even when he seemed all moody at first I couldn't wait to find out more about him. Meg has had a lot of problems and a bad relationship in the past. She doesn't want any man to tell her what to do and at times she lets it go to far being independent. I love Jake's family and how the interact with him even if his mom wants him settled down quickly. Meg and Jake do fall quickly for each other but they make a great couple. While I didn't know why the land was so important I did have a guess on who the bad guy was. I just didn't see how far he was willing to go and all he had done. This was a thrilling read that had some hot scenes, love, danger and even a few laughs.

4 out of 5 Stars

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