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Hi everyone! I have a stop on The Erotic Escapades of a Married Couple blog tor today. There is a review of the book and a giveaway for you all.

The Erotic Escapades of a Married Couple
By: Lynda Bailey

Being a settled, married couple doesn’t have to be boring…

Griffin Jensen has it all. He owns a successful advertising agency, has a great kid, beautiful home and the hottest wife known to man. He and Deana make it their mission to fulfill each other’s every erotic fantasy. So why does he feel like something is missing?

Deana Jensen has been head over heels in love with her husband since they first dated in college. Back then, Grif was a player—with both sexes. Deana never considered his bisexual past a threat, but after twelve years of marriage, she fears she’s no longer enough for him. She’ll do whatever it takes to satisfy her husband, but can she share him with another man?

Vance Korbett swore off women years ago when his fiancĂ©e left him at the altar. Now he finds “love” in the arms of different men. It’s simple and easy. Eat. Sleep. Screw. Nothing could be better—other than the marital bliss he sees with his best friends, Deana and Grif. Too 
bad three’s a crowd. Or is it?

Erotic Escapades of a Married Couple is a hot, sexy anthology which includes explicit sex, group sex and M/M sex. It is intended for mature readers only.

My Review
Deana and Grif have a great marriage. They both love each other very much and try their best to keep each other satisfied. Grif has always been a bisexual and that worries Deana that she isn't enough for him. She will do anything to keep him happy. When Vance gets dumped by his boyfriend he thinks it's time to start over somewhere. He is best friends with Grif and Deana. While he swore off women he has always cared for Deana and he has always crushed on Grif. He wants what thy have. When they ask him to join them he faces the chance at a future of happiness, but he has to worry three will be a crowd. The three of them work to figure out a way they can all have a relationship together even when others frown on it.

This is a very hot book with lots of steamy scenes. Some you wouldn't see coming either. Grif and Deana work together to have a great marriage and to keep each ones fantasies alive. They love each other but are very understanding about each ones needs. Vance is already like part of their family and Gif and Deana will do anything to keep from losing him. Even open their bed and home to him. They have wonderful sexual chemistry together but have to work out the other stuff. Jealousy can and does rear it's head a few times as well as people who don't understand or agree with the three having a relationship. They all seem to work together and I think what they have is great. Not just the sexual part but the love part as well. There is a few surprises I wouldn't have saw coming and I liked that. If you like M/M or M/F/M books with great characters you may enjoy this one. It is a quick enjoyable read.

4 out of 5 Stars

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Author Info
I’ve always loved stories. Especially love stories. Growing up in the Midwest, I’d make up stories to my favorite TV shows – usually westerns.

As I got older, the stories didn’t relent. In fact, they only got stronger, the characters more insistent, until I had no choice but to put it all on paper. It’s become an obsession for me. One that I love.

When not sitting at my computer, I spend my time working as a substitute teacher and fitness instructor. Guess you could say I’m an equal opportunity “persuader” of the young and, ahem, not so young.

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