Night Child : Review

Night Child (Night #3)
by Lisa Kessler
A psychic gift... 

Muriah La Deaux's latest job requires her to locate an ancient codex detailing a prophecy of an immortal birth. But before she can deliver it, her client is brutally murdered. Now a man with chaos in his eyes wants the codex she's hiding.

An immortal child... 

Issa is one of the original Night Walkers, a proud protector of the mortal world. Now, when the survival of his entire race rests on protecting an unborn child, Issa is the only immortal strong enough to protect Muriah on a risky mission--locate the lost scrolls that will trap their foe--but his tenuous grasp on his sanity is slipping. 

The ultimate sacrifice... 

Muriah's headstrong spirit awakens feelings in Issa that are best left buried. But as the battle between love and chaos ensues, sacrifices must be made..

My Review
Muriah knows more is in the world than just humans. She has been hunting for an ancient codex for a client when the client ends up dead. A stranger appears at her door looking for the same thing. Issa is one of the original night walkers and hasn't wanted a woman in a long time. He had his heart broken a long time ago and never thought he would find someone special again. Issa must protect an unborn child and figure the codex out if he is to save the world. Muriah is needed to find missing scrolls and Issa is the only one to protect her. While he never thought to Muriah opens up feelings in him and he will do anything to protect her and save the world.

Issa seems like such a hard person or Night Walker I should say. He doesn't let people get close and everything seems to go to pieces around him. That is just the surface. Issa is a very caring and thoughtful guy when with Muriah. She brings out the best in him. He is also a kick butt guy who isn't afraid to fight. Not to mention sexy and while in another form simply beautiful. Muriah should be scared and while at times she is she still will do anything to help out. She has a gift her self and is very smart. She will do anything she can to help Issa even when it puts her in danger. I have enjoyed all the characters but I really love these two.

This is a wonderful addition to this series. I love how it all ends. From the start Issa had my attention and the more I read the more I fell for him. I love how he is al dark and deadly one minute then thinking about red slippers the next. It really shows all sides to him. He tries his best to do what needs to be done but he also makes sure Muriah has some wonderful memories. If you are a fan of this series you will be delighted by this book. If you haven't read it yet you must try it.

4 out of 5 Stars

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