The Demon Lord : Review

The Demon Lord (Demon Outlaws #2.5)
by Paula Altenburg

The Demon Lord has conquered the mortal world and sampled its pleasures. Now all he needs is to conquer the goddess who is meant to complete him. She, however, has other plans.

Allia is sent by her goddess sisters to win the heart of the Demon Lord and make him her slave. But Allia soon discovers that the Demon Lord's heart is not easily given, and that in order to win it, she must sacrifice her own.

My Review
Allia is a Goddess who has been sent to entrap the Demon Lord and stop the rest of the demons from taking over the world. The Demon Lord wants Allia when he sees her but he knows not to trust a goddess. They both have reason to not trust each other but even being enemies doesn't stop them from falling in love. The Demon King must trust Allia and she must be prepared to give up all she knows.

This is a short story but is a good one. Allia is really an innocent goddess who tries to see the good in everyone. She knows she should follow orders but she is attracted to the demon lord and looks beyond on she knows about demons to see the real person he is. The Demon Lord can be very charming and is very sexy. He treats Allia very well and while some may think it is him trying to lore her in, he really cares for her. They do fall for each other but they have to learn to go after what they really want. He has to trust Allia even after someone tells him not to. Allia has to prepare for giving up everything for them. This story gives you a taste for this series and makes you want more of the world. If your wanting a quick good read about Goddesses and Demons you should try this one.

3 out of 5 Stars


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