The Melody In My Head : Review

The Melody In My Head (Love and Music in Texas #2)
by Nikki Lynn Barrett

Welcome back to Harmony's Echo, Texas.....

Melody Roland is on the run from the one person she trusted completely. One who hid a dark past she could never have imagined. When a pregnant woman on the bus she's fleeing on goes into labor, Melody rushes to her aide. Now she finds herself stranded in a tiny remote town just off the highway, with no way to her original destination. 

She's alone, on edge, and unsure who to trust. Her instincts scream to get far away and fast. But how and where?

Jameson Grant struggles through the roughest year of his life. Suffering from the loss of his father, one grief stricken night, he made a mistake. One which cost him the only woman he's ever loved. Each lonely day he's faced with the constant reminders of how quick things can change. Throwing himself into the one thing he has left, his music, helps dull the pain he fights to keep hidden. His last salvation begins to crumble as things spiral out of control and he has no choice but to face the 'music' of his past. 

The last thing he needs or wants in his life is a woman with more trouble on her heels than the best of country music lyrics. But Melody sings a sirens call within him that can't be ignored.

Jameson and Melody bond in ways stronger than either could have imagined, but one dangerous person from her past may threaten it all...

If she doesn't flee before he can convince her to stay, and that some love songs last an eternity.

My Review
Melody learned not to trust anyone. One person very close to her taught her that lesson. Now she is on the run and trying to get away. She ends up stuck in Harmony's Echo, Texas. She helps a woman going into labor and ends up missing her bus. While she loves the quaint town she is afraid o get close to the people. That is hard to do when she meets Jameson. He offers to help her out while she is in town. Jameson is dealing with a lot. He has lost the woman he loved do to a mistake, his dad has died and his mother can't past her grief and hides it behind a bottle. He is very lonely and while he is friends with his lost love and her boyfriend. he can't help feel like a third wheel at times. He is trying to keep everything together and Melody makes him want to let it all go. He knows she has a secret and he should stay away but he can't help be attracted to her. Getting close to her may just shatter what is left of his heart.

Melody seems like a shy,scared woman and that is what she is to an extent. She has some bad people looking for her who will stop at nothing to get to her. She wants to trust Jameson and his friends but finds it hard to do. She opens up with Jameson in something she never really thought of. She begins to write songs with him and it opens her up. While she doesn't share what she is hiding she begins to want something she doesn't think she can have. She wants to stay in the town and stay in Jameson's arms. She knows she has to face what she is running from but knowing and doing are two different things. Jameson I loved in the first book and while he has made a mistake he still has my heart. I love him and felt so bad for him in this book. I hated that he was struggling with his mom and that he was trying to hold everything in. He is sweet, caring, sexy and just wants to put everything back to right.

I have rambled in this review and I know it. I really love these characters and this town. It was a pleasure seeing the characters I got to know in the first book and where they were at in their life now. Melody and Jameson are both good for each other even if at times they both seem on the path to self destruction. I wondered if Jameson would be able to open his heart up again. How they both work together to create beautiful songs is wonderful. I did like how Melody didn't want to interfere with the bad or make anyone mad and how some forgave her for trying to do something bad. I won't say what but she did push Baby Stetson's generosity and was forgiven. There is an element of danger as someone is after Melody but that isn't all. There is an old danger that raises it head as well. If you are looking for a great romance, lovable characters with an element of danger be sure to try this. Even if your not try this series it is amazing. I can't wait to see what happens next.

4 out of 5 Stars

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  1. Ramble away! <3
    Jameson has my heart too....I did not realize in book one just how much I would come to love him, and am SO glad readers are loving Jameson too. Thanks for your review!


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