Trusting An Angel : Review

Trusting an Angel (Archangels #1)
by Missy Jane

As the owner of a string of successful nightclubs all over the world, Zerach can have any woman--except for his assistant Isadora O'Donnell. First off, Isadora isn't a one-night-stand kind of girl, and second, her dominating godparents don't approve of him. There's also the fact that he is an archangel with a mission to protect humans from demons, something Isadora can never find out about.

Isadora secretly longs for Zerach's attention but her scarred body and his playboy ways keep her from acting on her feelings. With her only family on the brink of bankruptcy, shes determined to help them, even if it means trying to forget Zerach and marrying the womanizing Jake, a man she'll never love.

Zerach tries to keep Isadora at arm's length, but when a demon starts stalking her, Zerach will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves. But protecting her could cost him his wings.

My Review
Zerach has a bad reputation. He is said to be a player and owning a shady nightclubs doesn't help his matters any. He really only wants one woman and that is his assistant Isadora. He tries to keep his distance because he doesn't want to hurt her in anyway and her guardians don't like him at all. Also the fact he is an archangel and has to fight demons keeps him from getting to close to her. Isadora wants Zerach but is afraid to let him know. She knows that despite his reputation she knows he has a good heart. He donates tons of money to help those in need and is really a nice guy. When she finds she needs to marry an old friend to help her guardians safe she finds it hard to do. Demons keep popping up and Zerach must find the source. hat leads him to Isadora as she smells like demon and her new fiancé may be the one behind it. They need to open up and be honest with each other if Isadora is going to be safe and be with the man she really loves.

Zerach seems like a playboy but is really a wonder guy or angel. He helps with needy people and would give everything he had to help them. He is very sexy and very understanding and patient. He is also very tough as he has to fight demons. Isadora has had a bad past and her guardians have took care of her. She loves them and would do anything to help them. She doesn't have a lot of confidence since she has scars and she is afraid to show them. She is sweet and an innocent at heart but she does have a many sexy thoughts about her boss. 

I really enjoyed this story. I know angels fighting demons isn't anything new but these characters are amazing. I love Zerach and how special he treats Isadora. He is always there to help protect her and still help his angel brothers. He has to trust her with his secret and has to do a hard thing to be with her. Isadora has to stand up for herself and do what is right for her even when those she cares about are using her. I have to say I didn't much care for her guardians. They seemed so bossy and snobby. There is some hot scenes in with the action s no worries it has a little bit of it all. Even some laughter do to a Harry Potter reference that had me chuckling. If your a fan of paranormal romance with great characters be sure to try this one.

4 out of 5 Stars

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