Dangerous Refuge Tour - Review

Hey everyone! Today I have a stop on the Dangerous Refuge tour with my review of the book for you all!

Dangerous Refuge
By: Elizabeth Lowell
Beautiful, sweet Shaye and dark, dangerous Tanner don’t have a lot in common. He’s a suspicious big city cop come home to his family’s ranch and she’s a bleeding heart who works for a group that seeks out ranches to conserve after the owners have passed away. 
But the suspicious death of Tanner’s uncle at his ranch throws the two opposites together and sparks fly. 
Working as a pair, using Shay’s sweet personality and town connections, as well as Tanner’s experience, they set out to find justice - they never expected to find love along the way as well. 
They both say it will just be temporary but when Shay is put in danger, Tanner realizes that he’ll give up just about anything to save the woman he loves. But will he have to sacrifice his life to save hers?

My Review
Shaye works for the National Ranch Conservancy. She helps protect old farms and ranches. When she finds an old rancher dead she is upset because she liked him. Tanner is the nephew of the man who died and has come to settle the estate. He notice some things seem off and teams up with Shaye to get to the bottom of it. These two are nothing alike but have to work together to solve the mystery all the while trying to ignore the sparks between them.

 Shaye is so awesome. She is hardworking, loyal, quiet but she will do what she can for what she believes is right. Tanner is a grouchy cop at first, who says what he thinks no matter if it should keep it to hisself or not. You wouldn't think these two would be a good pair but they do seem to work together ok after a bad start when they first meet. I enjoyed the chemistry between them.

 I enjoyed this book like I do most of this authors. It did seem to start a little slow but took right off. The slowness really was the author building up the background of this book so you get to see just what the place is it is taking place in. I loved how much of a grouch tanner seems like at times because it makes him more real. He isn't perfect and it makes it a better book for it. When the two get together it is a beautiful scene. The mystery really did keep me guessing for a long time and I liked that. This gives you an insight on how some small towns are. This is a very believable book sure to please.
4 out of 5 Stars

Author Info:
Elizabeth Lowell’s many remarkable historical and contemporary novels include New York Times bestsellers, Forget Me Not, Only Love, A Woman Without Lies, Autumn Lover and Winter Fire. Amber Beach, Jade Island, Pearl Cove and Midnight in Ruby Bayou were also instant New York Times bestsellers. Ms. Lowell has more than twenty million books in print. She lives in Nevada with her husband with whom she writes mystery novels under a pseudonym.



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