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One Wicked Night
By: Emily Quinn

Angel Jones is a career-driven woman at the top of her game with a big problem: a wickedly handsome boss. It is impossible to get him out of her mind, so her friends talk her into using someone else’s invitation to an exclusive dating service. It’s a dare she can’t resist.

Fernando Durante knows lusting after someone at work is not an option. He has managed to avoid direct contact with her for years, but thanks to a recent promotion, the witty goddess reports directly to him. When a friend emails him an invitation to an exclusive dating service, Fernando accepts against his better judgment.

Will Angel and Fernando let their hearts guide them?

My Review
Angel decides to take her mind off her sexy boss by using a friend's invitation for a dating service. It may be just what she needs after 3 years of wanting him and knowing she can't do anything about it. Angel has been on Fernando's mind for years. She is his every fantasy and a friend gives him an invitation to a dating service. Both take dates hoping it will clear their heads and forget the passion they know they must not unleash.

This is a very sexy book that I loved. It does have a few parts I chuckled at particular when Angel feels out her questionnaire. I love the idea of the book and watching all the sparks fly between the characters. Angel tries her best to do what is right and not what she wants. Fernando doesn't give up easy and is easy to like and want. While it is a quick read it is enough to get me wanting to read more about this dating service. I want more of the sizzle and hottness I got from this book. If you want a quick read to get the blood pumping pick this one up.

4 out of 5 Stars

Fernando adjusted the towel around his waist. “How did you get this info?”
“It just appeared in my email.”
“Please tell me it didn’t come through your spam.”
Josh chuckled. “Would it matter? We’re talking Elite Classified Online Dating. You know how exclusive they are. No one can get in their site without an invitation.”
“Why don’t you use it?”
“Nah. I’m not looking for an ever after.”
“What makes you think I am?”
“Nothing. Are you?”
“No.” Fernando walked to his desk and sat down as he turned on his laptop. “What makes you think it’ll work?”
“I don’t. I’m trying to get you to have an adventure, which will keep you busy thinking of something other than Angel.” Josh paused. “Look at it this way: you show up, if you don’t like what you see, you pretend you’re in the wrong place and leave. It’s simple.”
“Easier said than done.” Fernando scrolled through his emails.
Josh laughed. “You’ve got nothing to lose.”
“Isn’t the invitation addressed to you anyway?”
“So? It’s not like Elite has the time to sit there and make sure whoever they invite is actually the one completing the application. I’m sure I’m not the only one to pass on the invitation.”
Fernando leaned back in his chair and clicked the link to Elite’s site. “Yeah, yeah.”
“Tell me how things work out, all right?”
A black page displayed on his laptop. “Hey, Josh. I gotta go.” Fernando didn’t wait for his friend to reply before disconnecting. Narrowing his eyes, he leaned forward.
Welcome to Elite Classified Online Dating. Do you have an invitation?
If the invitation attached to the email counted as one, he did. He typed yes.
What’s your secret username?
He switched to the email Josh sent him to look up the username, and then went back to the page. Tempt_Me.
Excellent. What’s your secret password?
Fernando pulled up the email once more to look up the password. At_Midnight.
“Fantastic!” He jerked his head back, startled at the voice sounding from his laptop speakers. The word “Fantastic” danced around the page before settling in the middle of the screen. “Did you know our approach to dating is in bed? We at Elite strongly believe sexual compatibility is the way to a happily ever after. We dare you to dare us to find your perfect match. Do you dare?”
“Do I dare?” Fernando chuckled.

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Author Info
Emily Quinn writes sexy contemporary romances with irresistible bad boys, feisty heroines, a bit of conflict, humor and a dash of spice.

She loves books and falls in love with every hero she reads. Emily lives in sunny Southern California with her husband, two kids, and her dog. She also writes as Evie Knight.

You can find and contact her here: 

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