Death Defying : Review

Death Defying (Blood Hunter #3)
by Nina Croft

Part snake, part human, and—some would say all bitch—Captain Tannis of the starship El Cazador has one goal in life—to earn enough credits to pay for the Meridian treatment to achieve the immortality she craves. And one last job will get her there. The assignment: protecting the most powerful man in the Universe.

Being leader of the known universe isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it sucks big time. And after five hundred years, Callum Meridian, founding member of the Collective, is bored out of his mind. But as things are changing, he’s changing—into what, though, he isn’t sure. Callum is determined to discover the truth, and he’s employed the crew of El Cazador to help him do it.

Not everyone agrees with his plan, though. His own people will stop at nothing to prevent the truth coming out, the Church is taking advantage of the confusion and attempting a coup, and even the crew of El Cazador seem close to tossing him out the airlock without a space suit. But defying death has never been more dangerous, sexier, or more fun.

My Review
Captain Tannis has one goal in her life. She wants to get enough credits to become immortal using the Meridian treatment. She is part snake and part human and while she could become a vampire and become immortal that way it isn't the way she wants to go. She gets a job that will give her enough money to get the treatment. All she has to do is protect Callum Meridian the most powerful man in the universe. Callum is one of the founding members of the Collective and he knows things are changing,. He is changing as well but not sure how. He is bored and now he is out to figure out why things are changing. No one is going to stop him from his goal, not the Collective, the Church or even the crew he has hired. Tannis has never wanted a mans touch but she doesn't mind Callum's. Callum hasn't wanted anyone in a long time but Tannis heats him up. They both have different goals but they have to work together to put a stop to the Church and to let the truth out about what is going on. 

Tannis has a horrible past and she has never forgot it. She wants to become immortal by the Meridian treatment and will let nothing stop her. She also will stop at nothing to pay back those who did her bad. She has a great crew she cares deeply for and will protect them any way she can. She isn't afraid of danger and while she doesn't like it Callum brings something alive in her she doesn't like. She begins to feel for him. Callum wants everyone to know what is going on with the Collective and while they want to keep it hid he will be out in the open about it. He is very sexy and even when Tannis says she wants nothing to do with him he keeps trying. They both bring out the best and the worse at times in each other.

I haven't read any of the other books in this series but I wan't lost in reading this one. I will be reading them to get some of the other characters story. I really enjoy the different feel of this book. It's in the future, in space and you have all kinds of paranormal creatures. Tannis is so awesome being part snake and part human. She has venom and will use it if she has to. She may have been treated awful growing up but it only made her so much stronger. She doesn't want to like Callum other than what he can get her but she can't help it. It isn't an insta love and that is great. There is a great plot and I love finding out what the secrets were and I actual felt sad at one point. I won't spoil it. There is plenty of action as it seems everyone is out to stop this crew for one reason or another. You see how great Tannis is as she has a hard decision to make and she does what she has to do. I love the ending. If your looking for a new paranormal book to read you may want to try this series.

4 out of 5 Stars

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