Touch of the Wolf : Review

Touch of the Wolf
by Vella Munn

Family.Abandon as a child, Winter Barstow is a woman without a family history and few clues to lead her in the right direction. When a stolen artifact from the Olympic National Forest arrives at her door, Winter travels to the remote outpost in Washington in search of who sent it to her and why. Instead of answers, she finds the handsome, yet moody Forest Ranger Jay Raven hiding from his heritage.


Jay’s attraction to Winter is instantaneous, and powerful. To admit it, however, means Jay must recognize a culture he’s left behind—something he’s not willing to do. But when Winter discovers the body of her college mentor, her life is in danger and only the call of the wolf can lead Jay to her side and back to his Native American ways.

And a love strong enough to offer both.

Having just embraced his family, Jay is now faced with a difficult decision: turn his brother in for the theft of ancient tribal artifacts, or protect him. Worse yet is protecting Winter as her continued search for the thieves leads a target for killers. Now Winter and Jay must embrace their heritage and the spirit of the wolf to save Winter’s life, as well as the love that has brought them home.

My Review
Winter was abandoned as a child and knows nothing about her family history. She has only a few clues. She is sent an artifact from the Olympic National Forest and now she is on a mission to figure out why she is drawn to the artifact and what it means to her. She meets Jay a forest ranger who knows all about his heritage but doesn't want all that it means. Winter finds the body of her college mentor and as she and Jay work together to solve a mystery they find themselves in a world of danger. The clues point to Jay's family and Winter will have to learn about her heritage and Jay will have to embrace his. With the call of a wolf their only help at times they are in a world of danger and as they fall in love they have to fight to give it a chance to bloom and for them to live.

This book has many things going for it. You get history as you learn about both main characters heritage. It is a very neat one and the author does a great job with it. You have a mystery as they have to figure out who and why these crimes are happening and why someone would commit murder to keep secrets. Of course there is danger, action and intrigue as Winter and Jay try to figure things out. If that wasn't enough you get romance and Winter and Jay begin to fall for each other. They clearly belong together. Winter is the type of person not to give up when she sets her mind to something and even when afraid she stays strong. Jay is protective of his family but for a while doesn't want his life to revolve around the family history. I liked both of them. The only problem I had with the story was it was slow in a few spots and the beginning didn't pull me right in. It is a good paranormal romance book that once it gets going good it does pull you in.

3 out of 5 Stars

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