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 I am slowly knocking that TBR pile down as part of the TBR Reading Challenge. This is number 4 for me in this challenge so I have a long way to go. I am reading some great books that is the main thing!!

Beta (Annex, #1)Beta by Rachel Cohn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Elysia knows she has been create to be a Beta. She is a clone of someone who has died. It is her job to keep her new family happy and not to question things. Everything is perfect at first. She is pampered and really treated as one of the family. She has a secret she is hiding though. She can feel emotions and she isn't supposed to. If it is found she could be reprogrammed or dismantled. The family she lives with seems happy and so does everyone else living on the island. But she soon finds they are hiding many secrets and the other worker clones are hiding things as well. No one is happy as they seem. Elysia finds some happiness for herself but it is took away from her. She has to find away to live her own life and help those that need help. She also has to find away to control her growing anger.

As soon as I heard about this book I wanted to read it. It sounded so amazing. The cover also drew my eye I had to know what the marks on her face meant. This book did not let me down. I enjoyed every bit of it. Elysia even if she is a clone you get pulled into feeling for her. She has emotions just like us and you can tell more is going on than what you see. She has so many struggles in this book especially towards the end. You also get a few surprises you don't see coming or at least i didn't they add so much excitement to the book as you read. Waiting to see what will happen next. I will not reveal the twist but will say one you can kind of see coming and the other is a big shock. You have plenty of action as people are trying to keep the clones in line and the clones developing feelings and wanting to be free. I eagerly look forward to more in this series. I want to see what Elysia does next.

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