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Hi all here is number 8 on my TBR pile Challenge.

Breathe (Breathe, #1)Breathe by Sarah Crossan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The oxygen level outside the Pods are so low it is hard if not impossible to live outside. Inside the Pods there are different areas for people. Some like the Premiums have it made they can have more kids and get more privileges like more oxygen. Auxiliaries don't have much in the pods. They get less air and have hardly any privileges. Bea is an auxiliaries and tries everything to get out of that life. She is best friends with Quinn a Premium and secretly cares deeply for him. They plan a trip outside the pod not knowing their lives are about to change. Alina is part of the resistance and has to get out of the Pod quick when officials go looking for her. She uses Quinn to do so and leads them into more danger than they know. They all are about to discover there are secrets they don't know that could change their lives and everyone in the pods as well.

This book is a good read. I really liked the plot of the book. The world not having many trees is easy to believe it could happen. Corrupt goverment is another easy belief. I really liked Bea she is sweet but she can be tough when she has to. Quinn I liked because even if he is stupid when it comes to girls he does what is right in the end and doesn't let anyone stop him. Alina I didn't care much for. I don't know why but she just got on my nerves she was so cocky at times. The flow of the story is nice and steady. It just for some reason fell flat for me I did enjoy it but it wasn't all that I was expecting. I will read the next book when it comes out to see how it goes. It just felt like things got rushed in the end to me. Knowing there is going to be a next book helps with wondering what next but I would have liked the ending of this one to be a little less rushed. If you like Dystopian books pick this one up. It is good just not my favorite.

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