Even White Trash Zombies Get The Blues - Review

 This is the 3rd book I have reviewed for my TBR Reading Challenge.

Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues (White Trash Zombie, #2)Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues by Diana Rowland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the White Trash Zombie series. Angel is a zombie but just trying to keep her life clean, work and keep her dad in line and all along keep being a zombie a secret from all who don't know. She loves her job working in a morgue and she is good at it. However now her terms of probation are coming back on her. She has forgot all about having to get her GED and when a body goes missing she is blamed because of her past. It also seems there is a new zombie hunter or maybe it is just an old one in town. Zombies are not the only ones dying though seems some people are hiding a lot of secrets and Angel needs to figure them out to stay alive or undead.

Angel is such a fantastic character. She isn't your normal female lead. She has made a lot of mistakes and hey she is a zombie now. All she wants is to keep her life straight and keep her friends and family safe. I love this girl from her looks which are different to her attitude as she doesn't let anyone stand in her way. Marcus her boyfriend she finds has many secrets including having family in some type of zombie mafia. I love the sound of that lol. He does what he can to help Angel but sometimes he seems like a lap dog for his uncle. Another character that I really loved in this book is Angel's dad. He is trying even if he does slip and he shows more love for her in this book.

I love zombie books and this is one series that doesn't let me down. I really like the plot. You have zombies trying to pass as regular people and people after them. Even the zombies who seem good have dark sides as you get to see in this book. It is hard to know who to trust and Angel may even have to trust some that have hurt her in the past. You get to see that the zombies go back further than what you know and may have been a deciding factor in some peoples lives. Even if you don't love zombie books I would say try this series it is good and very entertaining. It keeps you on you toes and guessing. As a final word I have to say I love the covers to these books. They are unique and fit perfect to the series. I can't wait for the next book.

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