Black Creek Burning - Review

Black Creek Burning by R.T. Wolfe
Black Creek Burning is the first in the romantic suspense Black Creek Trilogy. Set in upstate New York, it’s a story about taking chances with your heart… and about family, trust and passion. Witnessing the murder of her parents was a brutal day for Brie Chapman. Learning her parents died in her place was almost unbearable. It took her years to overcome and move on as no suspects were found. Unknowingly, she ignites the dormant killer into coming back to finish the job. Nathan Reed moves in behind her with his two adorable nephews he’s raising as his own. He hadn't planned on falling in love and solving a murder. Patiently, he transforms Brie from an icy self-proclaimed independent into a woman willing to accept not only the help of a strong man, but the love of a family.

My Review
Brie Chapman saw her parents get murdered years ago. It left it's mark on her but she has moved on. She has redone her house (the same one she saw her parents die in)she works hard at everything she does, and she is used to doing it all on her own. Her big joy in her life is her dog. She has never had a relationship that worked out. She likes being independent. When Nathan Reed moves in behind her with his two nephews her life changes. She is drawn to him but still wants to be on her own. However the killer they never caught for her parents murder has returned and Brie is the killers next target. She may have to learn to except help from people including Nathan or she may pay with her life.

Brie is one of those female characters that you like right away, or at least I did. I like that she is hardworking, stubborn, and yet you also get to see the softer side of her at times. She is a wonderful teacher and it shows when she is with kids. She isn't the type of woman waiting for a man to save her. Nathan is the man of dreams. He is raising his nephews after a tragedy of his own. He is a good parent and has gave up a lot to give the boys a nice place to call home. He is sexy, smart and can be very protective. I love these two together and apart. They are both great characters. The boys Duncan and Andy make you want to just give them a big hug. They are great kids.

This is a book that anyone who loves a suspense novel, a love story, or a book about great characters will enjoy. You spend the whole time reading hoping Brie and Nathan will work things out, wondering who is the murderer and just what will happen next. I kept guessing as to who did kill her parents was and I will say the author does a fantastic job because I had no clue and was pleasantly surprised. I love when I can't figure it out.This is the start to an amazing series that truthfully i dread to see end. I love the characters and look forward to seeing more of them and watching them grow. I would recommend this book to anyone. Be prepared to fall in love with these people and feel you have found a new family.

5 out of 5 Stars

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