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MARCUS LITHGOW is the wastrel son of a worthless father. Only his well born mother gave him any pretense of respectability and this he squandered with his hellraising antics. Now, with an unexpected title and the mantle of responsibility nearly choking him, Marcus returns to England--titled, destitute, and in need of a wife.

Anne Brotherton is sick of running into fortune hunters wherever she turns, and is not about to fall for so obvious a one as Marcus Lithgow. However it doesn't mean he can't be useful to her. Association with him will bring scandal down upon her head, and certainly chase of the boringly respectable men her guardians wish her to wed. As long as she keeps her heart to herself, what's the harm in a bit of fun?

But Anne didn't count how seductive Marcus's world--and the man himself--could be. As for Marcus, what started as a means to an end is now the only possible option...because the one thing this gambler can't afford to lose is his heart.

My Review
Anne Brotherton is tired of all the fortune hunters after her. They really don't want to get to know her or care about her just her money. Marcus Lithgow is is a rogue that is somewhat like his wastrel father. He has returned to England with a title and not much else. He loves to gamble and he sees his chance to better his life by marring Anne. Anne figures if she gets close to Marcus the scandal will chase other fortune hunters away. She knows he is not to be trusted and tries to keep her heart from getting attached. Both people have their heart on different goals not realizing what they need may just be each other.

Anne is a wonderful character. She is rich but really doesn't let it go to her head. A few times it shows she is used to having money but for the most part she would rather be reading a book about history and her dream is to explore. I really liked her even when she should turn her back on people she looks for the best and she cares with her whole heart. Marcus seems like a user at first but once you get to see what it was like for him growing up ypu grow to really like him. He has had a bad past and seems to let his father deeds come over onto him. He really wants to be a good person deep down.

I really enjoyed this book as it has the historical romance I like along with buts of even further back history. I thought that was a nice touch. The two main characters seem to want to use each other but you can see the love growing even when they can't. I know a lot of people say these all read the same but this one truly doesn't. There was several twist I din't see coming and was surprised by them. You have some evil past deeds that come back to haunt them. You also get to see just how much the two belong together and what they are willing to face. I love reading about these two and they kept me entertained in all they go through. I will say I especially loved the ending as I got a good laugh out of one scene. I won't spoil it but I will say it fit perfect for Anne's character. I actually felt like I got to know these characters and was sad to see the book end. Recommend this for any historical romance lover or anyone wanting a great love story.

4 out of 5 Stars
“Did he ever kiss you?”

“No.” The answer was more a breath than a word. Her eyes grew large and lovely and her lips parted, just enough to emit a breath. Gently he cupped her cheek. He lowered his head and brought his mouth to hers. He found her as pliant yet firm as he’d suspected, and every bit as sweet. In her inexperienced way she kissed him back. It wasn’t much of a kiss, little more than a mingling of breath, and he wanted more. His fingers found the wild pulse at her temple, threaded into the hair she wore firmly coiled about her head. Closing his eyes, he let her scent and taste and the texture of her lips wash over him. She felt clean and pure. He wanted to pull her into his arms, to discover the body hidden by ill-fitting layers of wool, and most of all to kiss her properly, until she was gasping and crying out for more.

Her untouched enthusiasm touched him, and shamed him too. A man like Marcus Lithgow had no business with this artless girl.

Too bad. He needed her and he couldn’t afford scruples.

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Miranda Neville grew up in England before moving to New York City to work in Sotheby's rare books department. After many years as a journalist and editor she decided writing fiction was more fun. She lives in Vermont.

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