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By: Joseph A. Turkot

Imagine a distant future where technology’s inexorable advance has halted for all but the richest .1% of humanity. Indigents who still have it fly spaceships that are hundreds of years old, and entreat the help of robots that are relics of the past. 

The wealthy, having achieved immortality through science, and secured total power through purchase of all government seats, spread and consume the last resources of the cosmos. The unlucky majority pursue one goal: The generational commitment to buying a ticket into Utopia—the virtual reality program that simulates what in antiquity was known as heaven. Little do they question the mysterious origin and purpose of their gloried destination. 

For those who can’t afford to upload their consciousnesses into Utopia, and leave their physical bodies forever behind, there are few options but to live the life of an outlaw. 

Eight hundred years in the past, Mick Compton is ripped away through a wormhole into the dystopian future of the Messier 82 galaxy. In a place where the only thing that matters is getting into paradise, he wants only to get back home to his proper place and time, to his wife and family, so that he can right the wrongs of his past. But Sera, a battle-hardened smuggler with plans of her own for him, won’t make it so easy. 

And a darker agenda is at play in M82—the terrorist known as The Force of Darkness has reached a terrifying conclusion: Humanity is a virus, whose chance at equilibrium with its environment long ago failed. The only solution is complete extermination of mankind. After decades of surreptitious construction, FOD is nearly ready to detonate a quantum black hole with the power to consume the entire spread of the human race. 

Will Mick succumb to the draw of Utopia and forsake his desire to return to a real family? Will FOD pull off the ultimate terrorist act and destroy humanity once and for all? Find out in Black Hull.

My Review
Mick has awakes to find he is alone in space with no knowledge of what happened. He is saved and finds he is in the future. A future that is full of robots and never knowing who to trust. He ends up in the hands of Sera who just wants to get into Utopia. She promises to help Mick get back to his time but there is something else out there with it's own plans. The Force of Darkness wants to reset everything and end humanity. FOD sees it as the virus that has screwed up the universe. Mick will have to decide if he wants to go back to his family or if he wants to stay in Utopia. FOD may just change his plans for good.

Mick was an interesting character to get to know. He has a past and did things he can't take back. He has always lived for exploring space and put his family to the side to get his goals. He faces many challenges when he wakes up including looking at all he did. You see the way he acted wasn't all his fault but I still didn't care for how he treated his family. You also get to see where Sera comes from and how she became the smuggler she is. She has her own guilt eating away at her and what she believes she did.

This is an action packed interesting book. You see the universe in the future through the authors eyes. It is a dangerous and complex world you find yourself in. Action is always going full speed and you are never sure what will happen next. It's a place everyone does what they can to get what they want. You get flashes back to Mick when he was around his family and you see how much he regrets what he did. He has big choices to make in this book and seems to change for the better. If you love sci-fi or dystopian book you may want to try this book out.

3 out of 5 Stars

Author Info
I grew up and still live in New Jersey. I started writing and drawing at a young age. Growing up, I often daydreamed that I was A) Luke Skywalker, B) A hobbit, or C) Goku/Bruce Lee, depending upon what day it was. Today, I love to craft my own worlds and stories, fill them with characters, and paint their stories.

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