Betting on Julia : Review

Betting on Julia (Melville Sisters #2)
by Nina Croft

Small, blonde, bubbly, and with a penchant for all things pink, Julia Melville has always considered herself a nice girl – until she was attacked by a werewolf. Months later, and still in total denial, Julia spends the time between full moons fantasizing that her life is normal. And who could be better to help her with that than her new neighbor, handsome accountant, Sebastian Crane.

For two hundred years, Sebastian, a powerful warlock, has been possessed by a demon. Each day, his soul grows darker, and he knows that soon he will be beyond salvation. But the demon loves to gamble, and he’s made Bastian one final bet—get a good woman to say the words “I love you” and he’ll be free.

Julia wants a normal guy. Bastian needs a good woman. Maybe together they can find something far more valuable…redemption.

My Review
Julia loves all things pink. having her nails done and being dressed up. Getting turned in to a werewolf threw a kink into her life and she spends her time now trying to ignore the wolf inside her. She hates having to shift and calls her wolf thing. She is ready to have a little fun in between the full moons. Her hot new neighbor seems just like the normal guy she needs in her life to feel normal herself. Sebastian isn't a normal guy. He is a warlock who is possessed by a demon. He has to do thing to keep the demon happy and from hurting innocent people. He finally has the chance to be free of the demon. He just has to get a good woman to say I love you in a months time. Julia seems like the perfect woman to get to fall in love with him. The two begin to spend time together and grow to care for each other. The biggest problem is what secrets they have between them. Can Julia deal with him not being normal and Sebastian get over his hatred of werewolves to give Julia a chance.

Julia puts me in mind of a Barbie. She is a small blonde and loves her pink. She has a great personality when she is letting being a werewolf get her down. She hates shifting and really treats the wolf inside her kind of bad. They seem to butt heads constantly. She thinks being normal is all she needs. Sebastian has a dark side to him. At first I wondered how much was him and how much was the demon inside. I liked getting to know the softer side of him when he was with Julia. He is very stubborn and only wants to be free. 

I love this series and this author. I have yet to read a book of hers I didn't like. Julia and Sebastian are wonderful together. At first they have their own reason for wanting to use each other but they slowly begin to fall for each other. Julia has to learn she has changed and the wolf is only a new part of her. I love how she tries t come up with another word so she doesn't have to say wolf. The demon inside Sebastian is truly a twisted creature. Sebastian hates the stuff he has had to do and battles constantly to keep the demon from doing harm. They both have reasons they should hate each other but they have to learn to work together. If you enjoy paranormal romance I recommend this series and book!

4 out of 5 Stars

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