Fond Memories #2

Hey all we all have those books that we have Fond Memories of. The ones that you hold dear to your heart whether it is because you grew up reading them or because they may have been a gift from a loved, maybe it's because you met the Author. For whatever reason they hold fond memories. Each week I will post a book or series that holds those fond memories for me.

 This week my fond memory book is Bunnicula by Deborah Howe. It really stands out in my mind because it was the first book I had to do a book report on in elementary school. The teacher videotaped it  and I wish I still had that tape.  I like to joke and say it was the first paranormal book I read as well. It is about a vampire rabbit after all lol. I still have this book and can not wait for my littlest one to be old enough to fall in love with it as well. It is a series so there is several books to entertain her. Here is the cover and blurb for it.

This immensely popular children's story is told from the point of view of a dog named Harold. It all starts when Harold's human family, the Monroes, goes to see the movie Dracula, and young Toby accidentally sits on a baby rabbit wrapped in a bundle on his seat. How could the family help but take the rabbit home and name it Bunnicula? Chester, the literate, sensitive, and keenly observant family cat, soon decides there is something weird about this rabbit. Pointy fangs, the appearance of a cape, black-and-white coloring, nocturnal habits … it sure seemed like he was a vampire bunny. When the family finds a white tomato in the kitchen, sucked dry and colorless, well … Chester becomes distraught and fears for the safety of the family. "Today, vegetables. Tomorrow … the world!" he warns Harold. But when Chester tries to make his fears known to the Monroes, he is completely misunderstood, and the results are truly hilarious. Is Bunnicula really a vampire bunny? We can't say. But any child who has ever let his or her imagination run a little wild will love Deborah and James Howe's funny, fast-paced "rabbit-tale of mystery."

That is the book that hold a fond memory for me this week. What book holds a fond memory to you?

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