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Rapture (The Fallen Angels, #4)Rapture by J.R. Ward
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Will try to do this without spoilers so hang with me. Jim is looking to find who the new soul he has to save is. In the growing battle with eveil so far he is in the lead. Every sole counts counts and Devina has plenty of tricks left yet. Mels Carmichael is a reporter and one night on her way home she hits a man with her car. The man turns out to be the soul Jim is to save. As Mels and the man grow closer together the past may just rise between them to keep them from being together. The problem is Mels may hold the key to helping Jim save him.

Ok I love the BDB series but I am not enjoying the Fallen Angels as much. The first two books were ok for me the third I really liked and this one is right in the middle. I didn't like the characters as much in Rapture. Besides Jim and Dog that is. Mels was ok but I found her very flat at times and her personality was all over the place. One minute she was a strong person in charge of her life the next she is crying to her momma. She is in love and nothing will change it to hating him he next. The man and yes there is a reason I am just calling him that should not have had a second chance. He should have stayed bad IMO. I did not believe it for a minute the change he went thru. Devina I do like because she is an evil wench but you know and expect it from her.

I will continue to read this series but I don't love it. It is good and if you want an adult paranormal book or series I would say try them. I am hoping the next one makes a huge turn around for me. I want some characters I can really like and enjoy. The plot is a great one but for some reason in this installment it didn't excuse the pun send me into rapture over it.

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