The Lost Girl- Review

The Lost GirlThe Lost Girl by Sangu Mandanna
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Eva spends her life studying another girl named Amarra's life and getting to know everything about her. She does this because it is what she was made for. She is an echo of Amarra. That means if something ever happens to Amarra she has to go take her place so she must know everything about her from what clothes she wears, her friends, boyfriend everything she must know in case she has to step in. Eva wants her own life and own love not someone elses. She may never be called to become Amarra but there is always that chance. But she is called when a freak accident takes Amarra's life now Eva must leave behind the woman who raised her and the boy she shouldn't love. She tries to become Amarra but some people know she isn't who she says. A danger is lurking around her and she doesn't know who to trust. It comes down to whether she choices freedom for herself to be Eva and not Amarra loaded with danger or a lifetime of safety being Amarra living her life.

Eva is one of those characters that comes along ever so often that you just can not forget. She is shelter growing up because she is illegal and hunters will kill her. They do not like Echos at all. She grew up with hardly any friends having to learn all about Amarra's life. Amarra who has everything Eva doesn't. Eva was supposed to be a copy of Amarra but she has a whole different personality and wants different things. I love her character and reading about her life. She has a strength you really get to see a lot of at the end but even when she is bullied by other kids she stands her ground. Amarra I have to say what little you get to see or read about her I hated this girl. She never cared what she did to hurt Eva. It seemed she was destined to make her miserable. Sean is a fantastic counterpart to Eva. He has always been with her and tries to help her out even knowing he may go to prison or worse. Ray is Amarra's boyfriend and the best I can say about him is nothing. One minute he is friends with Eva the next he is being a bully. Lekha is really other than her new family the only real friend Eva has in her new life. I love this girl. She is ready to do anything for Eva and a true friend.

This has a unique plot that pulls you right in. It makes you wonder what you would do if you had an Echo or you were the Echo. You really get to dive into Eva's life and fell connected to her. The author did a fantastic job writing about the world you find yourself in in this book. You get to understand the Echo's, Weavers, the laws and everything. I was really shocked at a few things that happen at the end but they were for the best. I try no to give spoilers but I would say pick this up if you want something new to read. It is wonderfully written with a fantastic plot and characters that stay with you.

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  1. Great review! I have this one i my TBR for a very long time. I love love love the concept of being made to replace someone. I need to read this one soon. Thanks!

    1. It is a really good book! Thanks for commenting.


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