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Hello everyone! Several of us bloggers got together to ask a few authors what their holiday traditions were and what book plans they have for the next year. I will also share a few of my holiday traditions and my goals for next year. I have two wonderful authors that shared with me and I can't wait for you to read their traditions and plans.
First up is Author Shanora Williams.

Holiday Traditions

Well, my holiday traditions are a bit simple. On Christmas Eve, we actually get my siblings to go to bed early. As soon as they’re asleep, we’ll place the major gifts under the tree. (It’s usually the bigger gifts. We’ve found out that placing the bigger ones under the tree before Christmas leads to them nicking and picking at the gift wrap just to get a peek! LOL) On Christmas day, we’ll wake up early, unwrap our gifts, and my mother will usually record us or take pictures. It’s actually pretty sweet seeing my family smile and be happy about what gifts they have. After we unwrap gifts, we’ll eat a pretty good meal consisting of pancakes, sausage, eggs, and even bacon. Once I’m done with everything, I’ll go and visit everyone and and wish them a merry Christmas. My aunt is known for making homemade chocolate chip cookies and, of course, I always devour those. Christmas is pretty special to me and my family. I never take this time of the year for granted. I can’t wait to celebrate many, many more.

Book Plans for Next Year

As of now, I have three books that will (hopefully) be getting released in 2013. The first book is Book One of the OBTAINED series. I’m aiming to have Book Two complete by August of 2013. In May, I’ll have a novel titled Hard to Resist. Both the OBTAINED series and Hard to Resist are in the New Adult genre. OBTAINED is a paranormal romance l while Hard to Resist is a contemporary Romance. Book Two of my Helena Zane Series should be complete by November of 2013 . . . I’m only hoping that it works out. The edits of HZ should be complete by April of 2013.

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Next up is Author Kay Glass
Holiday Traditions
Christmas is usually a quiet family event for us. My husband, Wayne, and I don't usually exchange gifts- Christmas presents are for our children. We have two kids- Steven is 11, and Hope is 5. Our tree gets put up on Black Friday, usually. We set it up, put on lights and garland, and leave the ornaments to the kids. We watch Christmas movies all month long to get them pumped for the big day. The night before we watch one movie then get them tucked in to prepare for Santa. Gifts start being opened first thing the next morning- whenever the kids wake us up. Then we get the camera ready and sit back to watch!

Book Plans for Next Year
Next year, I hope, will be a big year for new releases! I'm kicking off the new year with a new series- Strange Curses. It's a Young Adult (YA) series, and I'm hoping to have Puppet of the Fates, the first novel, ready by January 15th. The second novel, Bitter Truth, will be released some time next year as well. In and around all of this will be my adult works released under my other pen name, Kendra Glenn. I also have a second series I'll be working on for release next year, but as that's still in the works, well, you have to stay tuned for more info!

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I would like to thank both great authors for sharing with us. They are super great people!!

My Holiday Traditions
Growing up we always put our tree up Thanksgiving night. It is a tradition I try to keep. Another thing I grew up with was Hallmark Ornaments. My mom always bought all she could every year and when I started working I did the same. She would give them away as gifts every year to all the family and keep some she loved herself. When she passed away My brother and I split the ornaments she had up between us and my dad kept some that meant a lot to him. We also gave my daughter and nephew some as well. I am not talking just a few either the kids got at least one tote full and me and my brother got several totes. I know have thousands of Hallmark ornaments and one thing I do now is go pick different ornaments every year to put on my tree. A few ornaments are always on the tree but I always try to use different ones each year. It is a great time for me cause it helps me feel close to my mom. This year I don't have many ornaments on the tree and the bottom half has none on it. Lol with a two year old I do everything I can to keep my ornaments from getting broke. Count so far broke this year is a low 11 so that is good. We open one gift each on Christmas eve. My hubby brought the tradition to me that everyone gets Christmas pajamas on Christmas eve so that is what we do. Christmas morning we open gifts and go to my dad's house. We eat lunch and usually dinner there with him and my stepmom. That is usually how my Christmas goes except we always have to watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I love this movie and it is a favorite to my family.

My goals for next Year.
I think my reading goal for next year will be 250 but I just know I will move this up. I have set a goal to read and review 40-50 books I have in my TBR pile just sitting on my shelf. That is the basics of my goals so far.

Thank you all for reading about our Holiday Traditions and plans for next year. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. Feel free to share any traditions you have or any goals for next year.

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