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Partials (Partials, #1)Partials by Dan Wells
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Almost all the humans are gone from Earth. The humans lost the war with the Partials years ago. The things humans designed to help them win wars and help them turned against them. Of the survivors it is up to the woman to get pregnant as much as they can. At 18 it is their job to have has many kids as they can. There is so many problems with this but one of the big ones is none of the babies survive.Rm the disease that wiped out most of the humans kills the babies before they have a chance to live a life. Kira is a 16 year old med in training. She wants more than anything to find a cure for RM and save those babies. As her community faces attacks she makes a daring move to find the cure. She goes on a journey and finds more than she expected. Now she doesn't know what is true or who is good.

Kira is an a phenomenal character. She is strong and know matter what she is faced with she never gives up. Her one goal is saving babies no matter what it may cost her even if it is her life. She gets scared at times but she fights her way through that to do what has to be done. Marcus is Kira's boyfriend and I liked him ok but didn't love him. He did what he could to help Kira but sometimes he didn't stand by her side. Samm I am still trying to think of what I think of this character. I don't know if I trust him all the way. Jayden besides Kira is my favorite character. He mostly follows the rules but when it comes to his sister he will do anything for her. There is a huge lot of more characters and this is just a few you will meet reading this book. Some I love and some of them I hate. Each has their own part to play.

As soon as I seen this book I wanted to read it. I finally got the chance to pick it up and I really enjoyed it. It is fast paced and something is always going on. The book is well written you really get to understand the world you find yourself in. There is some love in this book but it is not the main thing. Nice change from the other books I have read lately. This mainly focuses on the story line. Kira must save the human race and the lengths she goes through to do so. It is a fantastic book that I can not wait to read the next one. There is a few surprises you get in this book a few I didn't see coming. You get to see how not everybody is what they seem. Definitely pick this one up.

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