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OBTAINED (OBTAINED, Book #1)OBTAINED by Shanora Williams
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Alexandria doesn't have a great memory in fact she can't remember much of anything. The last few years she has been trying to live her life as normal as she can. She lives with her brother and works in a coffee shop. She doesn't date at all but she is attracted to the strange man who comes into her work everyday. One night he saves her and she learns his name is Jules. He seems to know a lot about her but she doesn't know him. Answering a knock on her door one day she comes face to face with a stranger. Felix ask her out and the two go out on a few dates. She should be happy now but Jules comes back and begins to tell her how they are mates and she has a past he was part of. She has to choice between her mate and between Felix who has secrets of his own. She must figure things out pretty quick about her forgotten past because danger coming from her from two different sides.

There is several fantastic characters in this book. I like Alexandria she has a lot of struggles at times but tries her best. When she is faced with her past she doesn't believe or want it right away. She fights against it. I like that it makes her more believable as a person. I didn't like how she could choice for a while between the two guys but I can see how she would be confused. Jules has my heart because he wants Alexandria but wants what will make her happy even if it is not him. Felix is a good guy but a few things I didn't like about him is he tries to control Alexandria I think. He wants what is best for her to but he tries to control her to get it.

This book got my attention right off the bat as I was wanting to know why she had no memory. It is a little different than other paranormal books and I like that. You never really know who to trust or what Alexandria is going to do till the end. Has some great and heartbreaking fight scenes one I couldn't believe what happened.I held my breathe during it till I got to the end of it. This is a good read and I look forward to what is next for Alexandria and to see were the author goes next. The book gets better the more you read and will keep you guessing until the end. Great start to a series.

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