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Hey everyone! I have a stop on the Bound tour today. I have a review of the book for you all.

Title: Bound
Author: Jessica Chase 
Genre: Erotic
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours
Book Description:
ATHENA MONROE is a struggling author who has just come out of a relationship. RYDER PIERCE is a billionaire who is used to getting what he wants. But when Athena comes into his life, everything changes. Soon, the troubled Athena realizes that Ryder will stop at nothing to get her.

My Review
Athena has just left one relationship were she was cheated on and lied to. She has never really followed through with her dreams of becoming an author due to the fact her family wanting something different for her and her ex telling her she was no good. Now living with a friend she has to get a job and resist going back to her ex. She has a little help resisting her ex from billionaire Ryder. He really wants Athena as she will soon find out. However he has several dark secrets of his own that just may drive them apart.

I had a hard time liking any of these characters. Athena I know has had a rough past but still seems to find herself in bad situations. She is strong in the fact that she left her ex but weak in the fact that I think she is afraid to be alone. Ryder while at times seems sweet and caring can also be a total jerk at times. The book had an interesting plot and would be great with a few changes. I had one big problem that kept throwing me off and that was the fact that in some parts Athena's ex was said to be her fiance and others her husband. This book is still one I think quite a lot of people will like. I just couldn't connect with the characters.
3 out of 5 Stars


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