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 Hey everyone! Today I have a stop on the review tour for The Earl In My Bed by Sophie Jordan.

The Earl in my Bed
By: Sophie Jordan

Intended for one man ... All her life, everyone assumed Paget Ellsworth, the vicar’s daughter, would marry the Earl of Winningham’s youngest son. And when he left for war with his older brother, Jamie, words and promises were not necessary. She would wait. But destined for another … Four years pass, and the death of his father forces Jamie home to take up the reins as the new earl, leaving his brother fighting on the front lines a world away. 

Maddening, infuriating, sexy Jamie makes Paget question her feelings. One glimpse, one word from him awakens desire in her heart. When a simple kiss spirals out of control at the annual Valentine’s Day ball, she realizes the man she never wanted is the man she needs ... but will Paget cast aside all she’s ever thought to be true to win the man of her dreams?

My Review
Paget grew up with hanging with two great boys. One of them Owen everyone has paired them up in their minds to marry one day. While Owen is away at war she tries her best to think of reasons not to marry him. She does care for him but not in that way. She realizes she does have a spark with Jamie, Owen's older half brother. Jamie has always been mean to her growing up and she has never forgave him for that. One kiss soon cause them to see each other in a different light but there is still the matter of Owen who everyone thinks Paget should wait on and what is keeping him going during the war.

Paget is a character I enjoy reading about. She is not conventional, cares for her family and friends but is hiding so much fire inside her. She does some great things I love in this book. Included slinging some not so nice stuff. Jamie seems like a cold hearted jerk and I wasn't sure how I would feel about him. However you get to see why he acts the way he does and that completely won me over. Not to mention he is very hot.

This is a quick fantastic read. I enjoyed the characters and all their actions. You get a few chuckles as you hear about them growing up. The love is so wonderful and written very well. I love the plot the way you get to hear both Jamie and Paget's POV. It gives it a nice touch and you get to learn about them both. Paget struggles with what to do and I am glad to see it because it lets you know she does care for how it will effect Owen. Jamie really once he sets his mind on something he goes for it. My only complaint with this book is I wish it was longer but that is a good thing wanting more.
4 out of 5 Stars

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About the Author
Sophie Jordan, a former high school English teacher, resides in Houston with her family. When she’s not writing, she divides her time between inventing what she likes to call culinary masterpieces -- her husband won’t always agree -- and visiting her family’s pecan ranch in the scenic Texas Hill Country.

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