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Hi everyone! Today I am taking part of the Saving Me blog tour. I have info on the book, a review and excerpt for you all.
Title: Saving Me
Author: Kelsie Blanton
Genre: Mature YA
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Sixteen-year old Peyton Jones had it all: straight A's in school, the perfect boyfriend, and nothing to worry about but keeping her GPA up. Then one night her perfect world is suddenly ripped away from her. Everything she has ever known changes and she goes from having a perfect plan to watching her world crumble around her.

Steve Gibbons was the quarterback of his high school football team...until the new guy showed up and stole his spot, causing him to lose his chance at a scholarship. Football was his life and now he feels like he has nothing.

Drawn together after losing hope for their futures, Peyton and Steve become best friends, but as they grow closer, a colossal secret is revealed changing everything. Will Peyton be left to face her inevitable future alone, or can she trust enough to let someone else in?
My Review
 Peyton is just a 16 year old girl who studies hard because she wants to go to college and dreams of being a writer one day. A new boy named Aaron comes to school and she is instantly attracted to him. She has never really been a party girl but decides to ask him to one. Little does she know that night will change her life forever. Steve was the one set to get a football scholarship until Aaron came to town. Now he has to change his life course of what he thought it would be. When Aaron turns out to be a bad guy. Steve sees his chance of getting to know Peyton better. He has always liked her but always thought he wasn't good enough. As Peyton and Steve get to know each other and begin to make some big decisions for their future, Aaron just isn't ready to let things go. 

Peyton is such a strong girl. Even when she thinks she is weak she really is not. She stands up strong when people may talk about her. For being a young girl she is a fantastic person. Faced with hard decisions she does what she thinks will be for the best even when they may change her life. Aaron is really a huge jerk with evil underneath a pretty smile. I hated him so bad and that is a good thing cause the author did a great job writing about him to make me feel these feelings for him. Steve is the boy you really would want to your daughters to date, you date yourself or the person you wish your sons were. He is so wonderful and I love him myself for all he does to show Peyton he cares for her and all he does for her. He has done bad things in the past but it just makes him a better person now.

I love this book and can really not say enough good things about it. I was reading this book and about halfway through it I look at my oldest girl and said you will love this book. I'm going to buy it for you. It pulls at your emotions so much and will have you crying. The author has done a wonderful job writing this book and the characters. I just know this story is going to stay with me for a long time. It has some hard scenes but they are ones that need to be told. Everything Peyton goes through is something that some people go through everyday. I applaud the author for writing about it and the way she made it turn out is wonderful. I won't spoil this book for anyone but I think anyone who reads it will enjoy it and I am going to look forward to more of this authors work cause I have found a new one to add to my author auto buy list.
Hands Down 5 out of 5 Stars
I froze, too afraid to move. The steps began to get louder as each second passed. My heart was pounding to its own quick rhythm. A hand grasped my shoulder and I squeezed my eyes shut expecting the worse. I began to quiver uncontrollably, wanting to scream, to run as hard as I could, but my feet were frozen. I could only stand there as my tears mixed with the rain pouring over me.

The grip was released, and suddenly an arm snaked around my back turning me in the opposite direction. I couldn’t muster up the courage to look at the person helping me. I could only assume it wasn’t Aaron. Whoever it was had too gentle of a touch. Yet instead of feeling relief a sense of nausea washed over me. Granted, I was momentarily safe, but the emotions coursing through me had made it—for a brief moment—feel like it was happening all over again.

I didn’t want to be vulnerable in front of anyone who could take advantage of me. With my heart going 100 miles per hour in my chest, I tried to push away from the person and nothing happened. They didn’t budge and their grip around me was too strong. After many deep breaths, I got the courage to glance up into eyes the color of emeralds—eyes filled with concern. My legs gave out and I sagged in his arms. Steve didn’t hesitate. He slowly lowered me to the wet asphalt and sat there while I sobbed into his already wet shirt.
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Author Bio:
Kelsie Blanton is a fun-loving young woman from a small town in Kentucky. Writing has always been her passion and when she’s not working at her full-time job, she is at home writing on something. Her hobbies include reading, writing, singing (poorly), dancing (again, poorly), and talking…a lot.

Surrounded by amazing friends and family that support her, Kelsie is following her dreams. Happy reading!

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