Deja Voodoo - Review

A little magic goes a long way… Alexandra Belle Boyette is closing in on the big 3-0 and her mama has made it her mission to marry her off. In the tiny parish of Bayou Miste, deep in the Louisiana swamps, finding suitable hubby material can be a challenge—and Alex would rather not rely on magical spells to do the trick. But there is a sexy new man in town who might fit the bill... Ed Marceaux is in Bayou Miste to safeguard a key witness to a Louisiana Mafia murder. He must keep an eye out for suspicious characters—but the place seems to be full of them! What could be stranger than a woman dressed in a sexy nightgown chasing a naked man down the street? The enchantingly gorgeous Alex Boyette certainly makes it worth his while to find out… Add a Voodoo spell gone wrong, and voila! madness—and love—ensues.

My Review
Alexandra thinks her life is moving pretty smoothly but her momma wants her to get marry and settle down. That is not what Alex wants. She has a good business and helps take care of her brothers and sisters. Ed is in the Louisiana bayou to help keep a witness safe. He has to blend in with the locals and keep an eye out for trouble. This is an ordinary bayou. A voodoo queen likes to help the locals with their problems and is training her replacement. Magic can sometimes go a little crazy and spells don't turn out how you want. Alex gets an unwelcome present from the voodoo queen that turns her world a little crazy. Ed just happens to meet her as the craziness starts. Ed is the last thing Alex needs in her life but she can't stay away from him. Ed has a dangerous job to do and doesn't want to get anyone hurt. They try to fight what they feel for each other but they have more worries than that. Danger is coming to town and they are right in the middle of it.

Ed is a great guy even if sometimes he doesn't think it. He works hard and tries to protect the innocent even when they get on his nerves. He has never really had a family do Alex's large one is a new thing to him. I loved seeing him with all the kids. Alex is very protective and caring for her family. She has helped her mom for years and is really there for them. She is strong and and works hard to stay in shape and keep her business going. She doesn't like to get to close because she is afraid she will get hurt. Seeing her open up to Ed is great. Even in danger she tries to keep a clear head. I will say I love Sport in this book. He is awesome!

I really liked this book. While it has danger in it it still seems like a light read and one that is easy to get into. I have not read the first book in the series but was not one bit confused. You can read this just fine by itself. I love the magic in this book and the mayhem it causes. There is several funny scenes including when Ed meets Alex that will have you laughing. At times I did get sad reading it just because I'm a sucker for Sport. I like all of Alex family and the names are just awesome. There is action involved as hit men are after a witness hiding out that keeps your attention you don't know what is going to happen. If you enjoy a magical book that is a great read pick this one up. I love the chemistry between Alex and Ed and like reading their story.

4 out of 5 Stars

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