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Hi everyone I have a stop on the tour for Tempted by Alexandra Anthony today. I have a review of the book and a giveaway for you!

Book One in The Dark Hart Chronicles
By: Alexandra Anthony

When personal assistant Savannah Wood lands a dream job with up and coming rock star Nick Hart, it seems too good to be true. He's devastatingly handsome, reserved and charming...but he has a secret he's determined to keep.

Their attraction to one another is immediate and Savannah is determined to keep a professional relationship between them. She's been burned before and has no desire to reopen old wounds.

The lines between professional and personal begin to blur when Savannah finds out Nick's secret: he's a century old vampire with a painful past. He's also hesitant to open himself up to her, yet they find their temptation to one another is stronger than either can resist. 

The paparazzi, a string of murders and cryptic, ominous letters threaten their budding relationship. Will their attraction and love be enough to keep them together…or will it tear them apart?

*This is an erotic, romantic book. It contains sexy vampires, graphic language, adult content and situations that aren't for the faint of heart. Consider yourself warned.*

My Review
Savannah has had her share of the spotlight and doesn't want to be in it again. When she gets a job working for Nick a rock star she thinks she has found the perfect job. There is just a few problems with her job. One is Nick is super hot and she is attracted to him. When the two find they are unable to keep their growing attraction to each other a secret they end up with unwanted publicity. Another problem is people seem to be dying all around them and it seems like Savannah is the killers target. See Nick has a past as well and a secret. He is a vampire that has been around a while. Can the two get past the fact that one is human and one supernatural, the public has their eye on them, they both have some walls that need to come down and find out who is stalking Savannah. They have a lot to overcome to see if their love will work.

Savannah has emotional scars that run deep. She has been considered sexy since she was a teen and really wants to have great job. She has a temper bigger than she is and doesn't like anyone to hide things from her. She is afraid to love in some ways. I really liked her. She has had a rough time growing up and now a grown woman it seemed like her dad still wants to control her. Nick is sexy, has a darker side, scared to let his guard down, very protective and can be very loving and good at the loving to. Did I mention he is sexy? I think it needed to be said again just in case lol. I liked hearing his stories of what happened to him years ago. It brought out a venerable side of him that made me fall even harder for him myself.

The book is very well written that it seemed at times like it had a magnetic pull, pulling me in. I loved this book. The characters are very likable and the main two Savannah and Nick are perfect together. They light the pages on fire sometimes. The book moves at a great pace and is easy to follow. There is a mystery to the book and it keeps you guessing and wondering who is next. There is also werewolves in this book and I like the blend of the two and hope to see more of them. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a steamy, sexy book with fantastic characters, a mystery to solve and so much more. I know the main characters story has just started and I can't wait to see what happens next and what they decide to do. I also hope to see more of some of the secondary characters stories. 
5 out of 5 Stars

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Author Info
Alexandra lives in the Midwest. She enjoys a steamy romance, a happy ending and isn’t afraid of things that go bump in the night. She is the author of two paranormal, erotic series The Dark Hart Chronicles and The Vampire Destiny Series.

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