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Exiled (Immortal Essence, #1)Exiled by RaShelle Workman
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Venus is an alien princess who is on the verge of getting her immortality. All she has to do is finish her trip and when she returns it will be done. Something goes horribly wrong however and someone sends her to earth. Without her immortality she has a week before Earth will kill her. She can't return home because someone has framed her for the murder of her best friend. She isn't alone her servant Zaren has followed her and vows to help her. The gods give her one week to make a boy named Michael find his true love. If he can do so she can return and get her immortality. The only problem is Michael is an abused person who doesn't trust anyone and seems to care for Venus. A another alien is on the loose and is killing people. A strange government office seems to think Venus has done it and will stop at nothing to see what she is made of even from the inside. With just days left Venus doesn't seem to be any closer to finishing her mission.

The characters were all good in their own way. Venus gets built up and described to were you feel you know just what she looks like and you get to understand what she goes through. Michael is so complex you don't know whether to like him or not. Yes it is understood he suffered abuse but he seems on the verge of going to the darker side of humanity. Zaren is the character I liked most. Even when Venus set him free and told him to return home he stayed to help her. You can tell he loves Venus even if she doesn't see or ignores it.

I enjoyed this book from page one. You get to see what it is like for the alien princess and you really get a feel for her. When Venus is sent to Earth you see just how much she changes. On her home planet she is strong while on Earth she is weak do to the atmosphere killing her. It really gets her down so it doesn't make you feel like she is acting like a helpless female. There is so much goes on in this book. You get to see love grow. Betrayal from someone close to Venus and you never know what is going to happen. You even get the cattiness of a group of teens that seems like it could happen. The world building is great and you really can see it play out as you read. It is different from other books lately because it doesn't have the usual paranormal creatures. It is about aliens and has some mythology to it. I really enjoyed it and about to start the next book I need to see what happens next.

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