Fond Memories #1

Hey all we all have those books that we have Fond Memories of. The ones that you hold dear to your heart whether it is because you grew up reading them or because they may have been a gift from a loved, maybe it's because you met the Author. For whatever reason they hold fond memories. Each week I will post a book or series that holds those fond memories for me. This week there could only be one pick to start out with. Most of us have read this series or at least heard of the books.

 The Sweet Valley Books by Francine Pascal. I know I grew up reading these books and I have to admit sometimes I still will pick one up just to revisit that world and the characters we grew to love.
Sweet Valley Twins and Friends how many of you read this series or your children did? I hope when my littlest one gets older she reads it.
Sweet Valley High Here we got to see the girls starting to really grow up and some of the stuff they were dealing with we were dealing with as well.
Sweet Valley University The girls are in College and making a lot of grown up decisions.
Sweet Valley Senior Year. I really liked this series. The girls and their friends all seemed to change in this but I really enjoyed seeing this side of them.
Sweet Valley Confidential When I saw this book was coming out I had to read it. I wanted to know where he girls were in their life. I will say I was so disappointed by this book. If you read all the other series you were expecting so much more and better for the people you grew to love.

There is several more spinoffs and side books but you get the idea of the books. Did you read any of these? What book or series holds a fond memory for you?

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