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Hi everyone!! As the holidays are almost upon us a few of us bloggers wanted to get together and ask a few authors the top ten things they are thankful/grateful for. It may be a list of what they are thankful for in general or what they are thankful for about their books. I have the honor of having the super sweet and talented Ashlyn Chase give me her top things she is thankful for as an author. I will also post my top ten things I am thankful for books for.

Ashlyn Chase's 10 Things I'm thankful for as an author!
1. I'm grateful to the woman who handed me a romance novel without telling me what genre it was. I was caring for my terminally ill parents, and she knew I needed a healthy escape. I was halfway into the sequel before I realized this engrossing, intelligent, well-written book was a romance novel! The only one I had read before was a '70's bodice ripper. I hated it and vowed never to read another one.

2. I'm grateful romance novels have evolved from 'damsels in distress' to modern kick-ass, take no prisoners, heroines.

3. I'm grateful the heroes are still awesome. (grin)

4. I'm grateful I needed to take some time off after my parents died. It gave me a chance to try my hand at writing a book. Something I had always dreamed of doing.

5. I'm grateful my husband willingly took on the bills and let me pursue my dream full-time.

6. I'm grateful to the first e-publishers who offered me contracts. (My first book received 3 offers! I'm also grateful for the ego-boost that resulted.)

7. I'm grateful to the publisher I chose to go with. I learned so much about the business and promotion side of publishing--both from the publisher and the other authors.

8. I'm grateful for the many author friends I've made over the years. Many of them critiqued my early attempts, unselfishly offered their knowledge and assistance, and inspired me by example.

9. I'm extremely grateful for my fans. It's a priviledge to share my kooky sense of humor with people who love it. I'm so glad I can provide the kind of healthy escape that was given to me. 

10. I'm grateful for computers--despite the many times I get frustrated with them--for making this writing thing so much easier than typing, copying, and mailing manuscripts, old-school style. I'll toss in my gratitude for the Internet that has made communication with the outside world so easy and enjoyable.

In short...I love my job. How lucky am I? Please be on the lookout for my next novel, Flirting Under a Full Moon. It's available for pre-order now. Judging from the amount of "likes" at B&, my fans are eagerly awaiting it.   

My top ten things I am thankful about books/blogging.
1. All the great stories and ideas the authors write for us. They each create new worlds for us to dive into.

2. The authors all of them. Whether they are big or small they are all still great to me and I love to give each of them a chance.

3. That when reading a series I always feel like that I am reading about my friends. I love seeing them again and again and following their life even if it is in a fictional book. All us book people can relate to where we feel close to a character and don't want them to go away.

4.All the beautiful covers! I know you shouldn't judge a book or pick one up for the cover alone but i love a pretty one. Seriously look at Ashlyn's cover I would love to have just covers like that beauty so I could make wallpaper out of them. How cool would that be.

5. All the super people I have met that love books. I love that even if we might not like the same book we can still talk civil about them. 

6. My teenage daughter loves reading and books give us something to talk about together. Even if we don't agree sometimes. Even her friends ask if I have a book they might like.

7. When I had an emotional time this year my hubby went out to a library sale and brought me back bags and bags of books and said here find an escape at least for a little while and the books help me do that.

8. All the authors who have talked to me. I used to be so afraid to talk to them and now I don't mind to send them an email asking them questions or praising their books. Most of them reply to me and I always get a thrill when I hear back from them.

9. All the books and authors I have discovered since blogging I wouldn't have known about other wise.

10. My girls over at Paranormal Reads. They gave me a chance to do more with my love of books when they made me an admin. They have become more than just my book buddies. I can always go to them when I have a problem other than books or a place to rant. I love these girls.

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  1. I am thankful for my family and friends, food on the table, roof over our heads. The older I get the more I am thankful for the seemingly simple things in life ;)



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