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Girl of Nightmares (Anna, #2)Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake
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Girl of Nightmares picks up months after Anna a ghost sacrificed herself to save Cas and his friends from evil. Cas knows he should move on but is finding it hard to do when he keeps seeing Anna and having visions of her being tortured. He has his heart set on saving her this time just like she saved him.

I loved Anna Dressed in Blood and couldn't wait to read Girl of Nightmares. Cas is still as awesome as ever. He just wants to save Anna because he does love her. Yes she was a ghost and now is gone but that doesn't stop his feelings. Thomas in a way stole the book for me. He steps up his role as Cas' best friend even more and will do anything for this boy. Carmel my feelings went the other way for her. She finds herself wanting out of the world she found herself in with Cas and Thomas and isn't above hurting Thomas to do so. I just wanted to shake her at one point in the book and say what are you thinking. She does redeem herself somewhat later in the book. Anna is not around as much in this book and that is understandable after all she is in hell. We get introduced to a new character as well. This character is Jestine. She pretty much is a female version of Cas but in a way tougher.

I really liked Girl of Nightmares but not as much as Anna Dressed in Blood. I missed seeing all the action with ghost. You still get some but not as much. the terror level went down a notch in the sequel. It is more about research and Cas finding out more about the past his dad had and what makes his knife so special. This is still a great book don't think it's not and would I tell everyone to read it yes I would. I was just looking for what we got in the first book. There is lots of action in this book as well and you get to see the characters really grow up more. You can see in your mind what type of person they will be when they get older. If you enjoyed the first book I am sure you will enjoy this one as well.

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