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Hi everyone I have a stop on  the 2 Days ‘Til Sundae & 2 Months ‘Til Mrs blog tour. I have a review of both books and a giveaway for you all.

2 Days ‘Til Sundae & 2 Months ‘Til Mrs
2 ‘Til Series
By: Heather Muzik

2 Days 'til Sundae
Cat is single, sexy, saucy, and perhaps a smidge too sentimental....

At thirty-four, Catherine Hemmings has it all--a New York City walk-up that's relatively free of crime and steps away from a great slice of pizza, credit card balances with the full closet and finance charges to match, still-happily-married parents with a screw loose, a younger brother with more years of marriage experience under his belt than she has continuous dating time, and friends hell-bent on setting her up with anyone but her type of guy.... 

What more could a girl want? ... A sundae.

Catherine's parents are cleaning out her childhood home and moving to Wyoming on a lark, and to make matters worse, she stumbles upon one of her favorite old toys, not in the attic where it is supposed to be, but in an online auction. Soon enough she is in an all-out war--bidding war, that is--only to lose in the final seconds. But Cat isn't ready to let go.... Her mission is simple: a well-planned, perfectly executed, two-day trip to reclaim her property from the winning bidder. 

What could possibly go wrong?

My Review
Cat goes to visit her parents to pick up some of her childhood stuff and finds out her old toys were sold years ago. Being thirty- four years old her mom, family and friends are pushing wondering when she will get married. For reasons unknown even to her she just has to get her toys back. She tracks down one old toy that has special meaning to her and decides to go  on a journey to find it. She finds herself in some funny situations along the way and even meets a man who will not deal with her. When her friends show up it just gets worse from asking why she is looking for the toy to trying to push her and Fynn together. Things just seem to keep happening to her and the hunt may turn out to be the best thing ever for her.

I love this book. I got several laughs all through the book. From crazy cars, to a crazy dog, to wardrobe malfunctions Cat has all kinds of love. I love how she goes about looking for her childhood toy as I have done the same thing a few times. Not flying all over the place for one but bidding one up and stalking the sale. She is a great character with a wonderful family even if they don't understand her at times. Fynn at first I thought was going to be a jerk but to give him credit Cat seemed like a crazy woman. He actually got my heart when I heard what he had planned. I would tell anyone to pick this book up. The people seem like real people and are very believable. I love how the author wrote about all of them and the plot is a good one. It really is a book about a woman's journey remembering her past and learning to let go and maybe finding something for her future.

4 out of 5 Stars

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2 Months 'til Mrs.
Cat is at it again--overreacting, overthinking, and overindulging.... 

The New Year is here and for Catherine Hemmings that means one thing--the year she met Joel "Fynn" Trager is over. Long-distance love with her Minnesota man has had her living out of a suitcase for months, never knowing for sure what time it is on either end. Now thirty-five is breathing down her neck and she is tired of living in limbo.... 

In just 2 short months she'll be another year older.... Can Cat make it down the aisle under the wire? It's a race against time and the laws of wedding physics, and she is going to need all the help she can get... especially as she begins to realize that love just might be blind to reality.

Is Catherine really ready to give up NYC for good? To take on a ready-made family? To say I do? 

Will she follow her head or her heart?

My Review
Cat feels her birthday breathing down her neck and wonders if she should keep flying back to see Fynn, When he surprises her with a marriage proposal she decides she wants to be married in just two months. Something that could be done if she wanted to elope or a small wedding. However Cat wants a special wedding and she has her family and friends wondering if she can pull it off. As she is in a race to get her wedding ready she also has to face the fact she will be leaving New York and will have more people than Fynn to worry about. She has to make a quick decision what she wants to do.

I think I enjoyed this book even more than the first. Cat is scared to make decisions and as usual seems to be getting into messes. I got laughing the first few chapters as her family thinks some odd things about her. She has one mishaps after another and a few times almost walks away because she is scared. This book shows more of the sweetness of Flynn and has some more heart touching scenes. Seems like many people have changed in this book and I liked how they all acted around each other. It is like a dysfunctional family and friends but one you understand cause most of us have some type of family like this. I really can't wait to see what happens to Cat next after all she has a few incidents in this one one even involving the law. If you love a great story that will get you laughing and one that will keep you flipping pages pick this up.

4 out of 5 Stars

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Author Info
After a childhood spent living in various northern states--New Jersey for half of that (South Jersey, exit 4, to be exact)--she struck out on her own. First stop, Atlanta, Georgia. After attending GA Tech to study Industrial Engineering, she settled down in a small town outside the city where she has remained ever since. She keeps house for one husband, two sons, and a thankless dog (who she adores anyway). Her loves: books, bacon, bargains... heavy metal, Christmas movies... a great pair of jeans... and anything cheesy. The four dirtiest words she knows: wash, cook, dust, iron.

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