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Hi everyone! Today I have a stop on the Fresh Women blog tour. I have info on the book, an excerpt and giveaway for you all.

Fresh Women
By: Jodi Lipper

When Cate arrives at Barnard College, the prestigious women’s school in Manhattan, she’s trusting, innocent, and maybe a bit too na├»ve. But she’s determined to use these four years to figure out who in the world she’s meant to be. At a school where she’s lectured not to identify herself by her gender, Cate is shocked by her own attraction to her very oppositely gendered professor. Alex is sexy and mysterious, having survived a recent tragedy. In fact, his presence on campus causes such a stir that soon Cate finds herself competing for his attentions with both another professor and a girl who may be her best friend or her worst enemy. But Cate and Alex’s connection is undeniable. It proves to be stronger than the rumors, backstabbing, and scandal that soon begin to swirl. But first it must be tested…

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“Good morning, Professor,” Ani said, leaning over his desk to put down both papers, hoping that letting him see that she wasn’t wearing anything under her thin cashmere vest would prevent him from noticing Cate’s paper being slipped down beneath her own. Alex barely seemed to notice Ani herself or the paper, which she found both disappointing and a relief.

“Hello…Ms. Wright,” he said, cheating a bit by glancing at the top of her paper. She thought that was kind of cute, but next time she wanted him to remember her name.

“You can call me Ani,” she said with her most charming smile as she tried to catch his eye, but Alex’s gaze stayed straight ahead on the surface of the shoddy metal desk.

“That’s such an interesting name. Where does it come from?”

“Hawaii, actually,” Ani said, thinking about how many times a man had used this line of conversation to hit on her, but Professor Solano actually seemed genuinely interested in the name itself rather than in her. It was cute but somehow annoying that he wasn’t taking this opportunity to flirt back. She pulled a chair over to the side of his desk, determined to continue the conversation.

“A beautiful name from a beautiful place,” he said. “Have you seen the exhibition of Hawaiian art at the Folk Art museum?” Ani merely shook her head. “Oh, you must,” he said, looking at her intently, “I bet you’d find it quite touching, especially as a native.”

“Me? Oh, no, I’m a New York girl,” Ani said breezily, “with New York hippie parents who allegedly got themselves pregnant with me in Hawaii.” Yuck. Suddenly, she was desperate to change the subject to anything else. What could be less sexy than talking about her parents’ sex life? She suddenly remembered seeing Alex around the neighborhood pushing a baby stroller. “Do you have any kids?”

“Yes,” he said, and finally he looked at her, his entire face lighting up. “My son Thomas. He’s one.” 

“Oh, how adorable,” Ani leaned over so that her elbows rested on the desk not far from the spot where Alex’s hands were lying. “Do you have any pictures of him with you?” 

Alex patted his pockets as if completely unaware of whether or not they would contain a photo of his son. “I’m afraid not,” he said, looking disappointed. 

He must be divorced, Ani thought as she studied him - wrinkled clothing, a wedding ring on the right hand for some reason, and no baby pictures. Any good wife would’ve made sure he at least had a few saved on his phone. 

“Well, I’d love to meet him,” she said boldly, finding Alex’s helplessness, lack of interest in her, and obvious dedication to his son each equally irresistible. She leaned forward even more, until their faces were only inches apart.

“Really?” He sounded surprised.

“Of course; I love kids.” Ani saw an opening there and just couldn’t help but go through it. She put her hands on Alex’s desk maybe a half inch from his and leaned forward even more. “Sometimes I think I was born to take care of people.”

Alex looked at her more intently, as if he was truly seeing her for the first time. “That’s lovely,” he said, placing one hand gently on hers. It was an innocent gesture – at least he probably meant for it to be – and so Ani was surprised that real fireworks instantly shot through her. Before either one of them could move or say another word, a group of three students walked in, each of them simultaneously raising their eyebrows at what they saw. Alex instantly darted his hand away from Ani’s and back onto his lap, and Ani got up and wordlessly walked to the back of the room.

Praise for Fresh Women:
"FRESH WOMEN is the smartest, sexiest, funniest fun I've had reading in I don't know how long. Read it immediately." - Rachel Shukert, author of the Starstruck series

“Fans of both New Adult romance and chick lit will love Lipper's sexy and irreverent tale of friendship between outspoken and endearing girls on the cusp of womanhood.” - Zoe Fishman, author of Saving Ruth, Balancing Acts, and the upcoming Driving Lessons

Author Info
Jodi Lipper is the co-author of the bestselling “Hot Chick” book series (How to Eat Like a Hot Chick, How to Love Like a Hot Chick, and Live Like a Hot Chick). These inspiring, girlfriend-to-girlfriend self help books are sold throughout the world, have been translated into half a dozen languages, and have been featured on the Tyra Banks Show, Extra!, Good Morning America Now, and in Jodi’s regular appearances on NBC’s Today Show. Jodi’s writing has been featured in Time Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Essence, OK Magazine, USA Weekend, Star Magazine, Women’s Health, In Touch Weekly, the Huffington Post, Maxim Magazine, Complete Woman, Galtime, Pop Sugar, and many other print and online publications. 

Jodi is also a prolific ghostwriter who has collaborated with numerous experts and celebrities on books in a wide variety of genres. Before becoming a writer, Jodi worked at Atria Books/Simon & Schuster with #1 New York Times bestselling authors such as Jodi Picoult, Brad Thor, and Vince Flynn. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and two young daughters. Fresh Women is her first novel.

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