Dark Angel - Review

Dark Angel: A Gothic Fairy Tale by T.J. Bennett

When young widow Catherine Briton is washed ashore, the sole survivor of a violent shipwreck, all she wants is to go home to London. But injured as she is, she can’t escape when a shadowy stranger rescues her and takes her to his castle—where she’s healed with suspicious, almost magical speed.

The more time Catherine spends in the castle, the more her curiosity rises where her fiercely handsome new "master," Gerard, is concerned. As she begins to investigate, though, her discoveries only bring more questions. It seems Gerard isn't the only one on the island keeping secrets…

The small town is full of strange mysteries and townspeople who know more than they should about her. And when a hulking beast that stalks the nearby hills and valleys catches up to her, Catherine must figure out what’s going on before it’s too late.

My Review
Catherine is a young widow with big dreams. She wants to help orphan children and is on her way to do so when her ship wrecks and she finds her self on an island. Ynys Nos is different from other places as she soon finds out. Gerard the master of the island lets her no she is trapped there and can never leave. The more Catherine explores the island the more she sees things are very strange here. From the creepy fog, to a creature that sneaks around to the mysterious Gerard who she never sees during the day, Catherine is set out to solve the mystery of the island. She hopes she can help out everyone. Gerard is someone who has plenty of secrets and Catherine begins to fall for him just as much as he is her. Will she ever leave the island.

Catherine has had tragedies in her past but she hasn't gave up. She has a drive to do good and really it's her passion. She soon finds she has a passionate drive as well when it comes to Gerard. She will do what all she can to help anyone she comes across. You also see she is a very caring, sweet woman who nothing is to much to give for the people she loves. Gerard at times can seem to be a jerk. It really isn't how he is. He has done bad things ion the past but he tries his best to right those wrongs. He really cares for the people of the island and Catherine. He will do whatever to keep her at his side and safe. I didn't think I would like him at first but the more I read about him the more I liked him.

This book is so simply wonderful. It has so much going on in it. You have action as Catherine is shipwrecked and other things I won't spoil but the fog plays a part in some. You have magic thrown in and you slowly unravel it as you read and see just how much is involved in this book. There is a mystery type feel as well as Catherine tries to figure everything out and then fix things. The time period is an awesome addition to this book. It's like a historical with paranormal in it. And we simply can not forget the romance. I love the interactions between Gerard and Catherine. Reading about these two is a pleasure. This book has managed to wrap several different things into it in a great way. The author does a great job in this book as it keeps your attention to the end and you have to see how it ends. If you want a great book with a little but of everything give this a try.

4 out of 5 Stars

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