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Hey everyone! I have a stop on the Full Moon on the Rise blog tour. There is a review of the book, an excerpt and a giveaway for you all.
Full Moon on the Rise
By: Natalie Carlisle

Someone in Emerson Fox Academy is determined to kill him, and Kale Rollins doesn’t know how much more he can take. And on top of everything, his adopted mom has “disappeared” and his real brother, Trey, is leaving just when Kale needs him the most. Not to mention, Miller and Kit are getting too close for his comfort and there is nothing he can do about it.

Frustrated, scared, and struggling for “control” Kale doesn’t trust himself at all. With the full moon on the rise, Kale soon realizes he isn’t the only one who might die. 

What he wouldn’t do to be normal these days…

My Review
Kale has to hide what he is. If they find out he is a werewolf he will be killed. Someone wants him dead anyway and he has to keep his emotions under control to keep his secret. He also has to deal with his adopted mom disappearing, his brother leaving and the girl he loves is imprinted on someone else. He doesn't want to hurt anyone but his life is in danger. He has to see just how strong he is and how much he can take or he may break.

I really enjoyed this book. I will admit I was a little lost at first but after I got settled into the story it hooked me right in. Kale has so much going on I don't know how he keeps everything together. He doesn't know for sure who he can trust and it seems everyone he loves is leaving him. He finds out a few secrets about his past he didn't know and that really effects him. He didn't ask to be a werewolf but he is doing the best he can. I will say I hated one of the teachers so bad and wanted Kale to change and kill him. It was fascinating to see what everyone changed into as there is many different creatures. I was happy to see how he learned to trust people he thought weren't his friends. Kit I wasn't sure about till towards the end. I could tell she cared about Kale but wasn't sure how much. This book has some action and lots of intrigue. I would recommend any fans of paranormal to read this. And I have to say I love the cover.

4 out of 5 Stars

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“Please pick up… come on, pick up.” Kale’s fingers worried the cord of the library’s phone for the second time that day. And just like yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that… there was still no answer. “Come on.”

Another ring passed loudly in his ear. Two more and he knew the answering machine would pick up. Again. He held his breath. 


Come on.


“Hi! You reached the Rollins’ residence. We can’t come to the phone right now—”

“Damn it!” Deep inhale. He slammed the receiver. Heads turned toward the noise to stare at him. It took everything in him not to snap at them. Bending over he snatched his book bag off the floor and swung it hastily over his shoulder. Ignore them. They don’t get it. Their lives are normal.

What he wouldn’t do to be normal these days.

Author Info
Natalie Carlisle currently lives with her husband and two dogs in New Jersey but misses the mountains of her hometown in PA every day. When not writing, Natalie can be found reading, drawing, painting, watching chick flicks, taking pictures of nature, running (when her knee is being cooperative)and hiking. She loves being active though lately most of her time is spent in front of a computer working on her next novel.

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  1. Thank you for hosting day 2 on the Full Moon on the Rise book tour! I appreciate it :) Glad to see you enjoyed the story! Did you read book 1?

    1. I haven't read it yet. Note I said yet I am going to read it soon!

  2. Awesome Pam. It should clear up the little bit of confusion you had in the beginning of this book :)

    1. And I hope you enjoy that one too :) You might come to like Kit a lot more too.


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