Vampire Games - Review

Vampire Games (Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency #4) by Tiffany Allee 

She’s seen the past…

OWEA Agent Beatrice Davis is haunted by the death visions that help her solve crimes. When Detective Claude Desmairis, her vampire ex-lover, asks for her assistance on a case, she’d rather help him than take the mandated leave to stave off her burn-out.

The truth won’t stay buried…

Pressed to solve a series of crimes before the perpetrator blows the vampire world apart, Claude turns to a woman he thought he’d been able to leave behind. But he was wrong, and his feelings for her will only bring trouble in an investigation this dangerous.

As their passions reignite, they see a possible future together. Until her visions show her the face of the murderer—a man Claude can never betray.

My Review
OWEA agent Beatrice Davis is on a leave from her job when Detective Claude Desmairis ask for her help in a case. She has a gift that will come in handy with this case. While she would rather stay busy helping Claude has a few problems. He is her ex lover and this case seems to have ties with someone from her brothers death. She has to work through her feelings for Claude and help sole the case. It is a dangerous case that has a vampire wanting to change things and it may be the death for Beatrice and Claude before they can have a future together.

Beatrice is someone who jumps into situations without thinking. She is good at her job but takes risk that put her in danger. She is smart, sexy and very stubborn. I liked her cause she does have a few flaws but never afraid to jump in and help when she cans. Claude is the sexy vampire who had a job to do. He is very loyal to his friends and doesn't want to believe anything bad about them. He is also fighting his feelings for Beatrice because he doesn't want anything to happen to her.

I have only read one other book by this author but I loved it. I have to say this is another one to add to the list of books I loved. I am going to get the other books the author has because I love the world she creates. She has wonderful characters that you grow to love and some to hate as you read. This book has danger in it as they are trying to solve the case. Both Claude and Beatrice have to face the fact that all they believe may not be true. They work well together most of the time. Sometimes they jump into things but it makes them more real. Along with vampires you get several other paranormal creatures to enjoy. Claude and Beatrice are very good together in other ways they just have to learn to trust each other and let go of the things keeping them apart. They have to fight for their lives and while I saw some of the ending coming I still highly enjoyed this book. If you want a great author to add to your auto read list put this one on yours I did. This is an amazing paranormal romance book with a great story.

5 out of 5 Stars

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