Parts & Wreck - Review

Parts & Wreck
by Mark Henry

Wade Crowson, a brutish and brooding playboy and veteran vivisectionist for the Parts Department, runs into more than he bargained for in new partner, Lucid Montgomery, a quirky beauty with a bizarre secret and a string of psychiatric diagnoses she tries hard to keep hidden. Loving Luce will stamp a demonic target on her back and thrust Wade into a frenzied whirlwind of hilarious misunderstandings and, quite possibly, a stripping gig for emptynesters. Can they withstand the savagery of an exorcism (with or without the split pea soup) and come out alive and …in love?

My Review
Wade doesn't want to get to close to his new partner Lucid aka Luce. He has lost partners in the past when he got to close and doesn't want it to happen again. Demon hunting is a dangerous job and he doesn't want her to be the next victim. Luce has only her imaginary friend Hitch for a friend. She needs a job and this one seems to be perfect. Only trouble is Wade who she hooked up with during a speed dating. Now they have to work together. Luce has a problem even she doesn't know about and Wade will have to save her.

This book has plenty of laughs and well written characters. I like the plot of the story and it moves at a good pace. You see what made Wade the way he is and why he is good at his job. Luce is funny on her own as she has to deal with several things. These two don't want to get to close together but they can't fight what is between them like they can demons. I like how they are both very different but seem to work. The book is fast paced with lots of action and entertaining. The only problem I had with the book was I wanted to know more about the department. I think with some more details on it it would have been rated better for me and if at times the characters could have took a breathe. This is a good book many will enjoy and if you want a witty, action packed book pick this one up.

3 out of 5 Stars


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