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It’s Just Love
By: Kate Richards

Coral Nixie is living her dreams. Her cottage is blocks from her beloved beach and a haven for those seeking answers for their relationship problems. And so what if her own love life is non-existent? Helping others and surfing should be enough for anyone, even a virgin, slightly lonely witch. 

Gage Middleton is a successful author and relationship counselor. His “Factors” can indicate the success of any relationship, and he’s about to propose to his own perfect match. Until Ms. Perfect dumps him, and he has to go on TV and defend his theories against a ridiculous, hippy witch with the most beautiful eyes.

On a dare from the host, the two set out to follow another couple on their first three dates. The man and woman they follow have nothing in common and neither do they. Can they let go of their own stubborn beliefs and accept that there’s nothing to prove in the midst of their own attraction? After all, It’s Just Love.

My Review
Coral is a witch who sales love potions. She hasn't experienced real love herself and is still a virgin. Gage is a successful author and a relationship counselor. He believes love has to do with compatibility and if any one isn't compatible they should break up and move on. They get on a tv show and have to prove their way works. They couldn't be be any more different. Assigned to follow two people to see if they will work they begin to fall for each other but they couldn't be more different can they get pass being set in their own ways.

Coral is magical and really a free.spirit. She is careful in her spells and thinks she has a pretty good life. I liked her she is very down to earth. Gage in some ways doesn't believe in love. He believes in facts. He really changes as the book progresses.

I liked this story. It is a quick read but has a wonderful plot. Two different people who fall for each other. There is several charming moments where you can see the beginning sparks starting to fly between them. It has some magic in this book that gives it a nice touch. Coral has to work on being ready for a relationship and Gabe has to work on moving on from a past relationship. These two are meant for each other and I love the ending. I thought it wrapped it up nicely. If you want a quick sweet read about love pick this book up.

4 out of 5 Stars

Coral woke early, despite the fact that Gage had stayed into the wee hours. He’d been happy to discuss his work, but reticent about his girlfriend. Perhaps the perfect 10 was displeased about their spending these three evenings together. Coral would be happy to reassure her that she had no designs on him. A stuffed shirt like him did not enter her sights. Of course not.

She recalled her decision to consider dating again. Sid was dead, but she was alive. And he’d never want her to live sad and lonely. He had been a kind, considerate guy, finding joy in so many small things. Nothing had taken that from him, even toward the end, when he became a frail shell of his former, robust self. Shame filled her. She’d promised to move on, sworn it as she sat by his deathbed. And she’d broken that vow, or at least neglected it, for three years.

Well, no more. She would begin dating immediately. She’d find someone…somewhere. There sure as heck was nobody in her life now. Filled with purpose, she eschewed surfing for the day and prepared for a small ritual. Time to close one door, so another could be opened. The Goddess could not give her anyone new as long as she clung to the past. And three years was long enough to grieve for someone who had not even been a lover. He’d wanted that, but she hadn’t been sure, and by the time she realized how much he meant to her, his health was so poor she’d only been able to give him her time and care, nothing more.

She closed the curtains, swept the living room, and feather-dusted, wanting a clear space. Then she showered and patted herself dry, leaving her hair hanging down her back, and returned to the living room. Lighting a single, white taper, she sat cross-legged on the floor. White for the Goddess, white for purity. Staring at it, she stood and lit a green one, for change. Once upon a time she would have done more preparation, but truly what occurred was inside herself, and the rest were trappings for onlookers.

The Goddess would understand. Staring at the twin flames, Coral went deep inside and made a wish and a promise. This time, a gift would not be rejected. “Whoever you bring me, Lady, I will not waste the time. I know now how precious and rare true love is.”

When the candles burned down and winked out, she was filled with peace. Perhaps it would be a surfer, or maybe one who practiced the craft…or maybe an accountant. But she trusted that it would be the right one for her, if indeed such a person existed. A flicker of doubt passed through her. If she hadn’t missed her chance.

And looking for the right man would distract her from the wrong one she would be spending the evening with. Gage Middleton, handsome and charming…and even gallant, but he was not for her. The attraction was merely bad timing, or maybe it served to wake her up to her need to move forward.

Author Info
Kate Richards divides her time between Los Angeles and the High Sierras. She would gladly spend all her days in the mountains, but she’d miss the beach…and her very supportive husband’s commute would be three hundred miles. Wherever she is, she loves to explore all different kinds of relationships in her stories. She doesn’t believe one-size-fits-all, and whether her characters live BDSM, ménage, GLBT or any other kind of lifestyle, it’s the love, the joy I one another, that counts. 

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