Battle for Earth : Review

Battle for Earth: Book Two of the Dominion Chronicles
by K.S. Fish

Disaster has come to the Earth. As the planet struggles to adapt to the new existence Corey has forced on it, the children from Frazier's compound have grown up and been scattered to the corners of the world. Unwilling leaders, they are cast into a war that will push them to the end of endurance, and ultimately decide the fate of the world.

My Review
The world is tore apart by disasters and young people who where made to become new gods. Some of them are on the evil side and want to rule the world. The others are trying there best to put a stop to them and save humanity. A battle is in the works. One that may just finish destroying Earth.

I really loved the first book as it was dark and way different than others I had read. When I go the chance to read this one I jumped at the chance. It picks up right where the first stopped. he world is a different place and humans run to try and survive. The ones who were turned into gods are spread out and each has their own plan. One is torturing people for fun to show how much power they have and to get the humans to follow his orders. He is training an army of killers to help him rid the world of the other gods. One is raising an army of animals to be at her side so she can take the earth back for the animals and kill all humans. The others gods are trying to survive and band together to save Earth and the humans. They all face trials, some of them suffer great loss, all of them gear of for the battle they know is coming. This is such a fascinating book. I loved how the author doesn't hold back and shows the good of humanity while at the same time shows the dark twisted side. There is several shocks I didn't see coming and I wasn't sure how it was all going to end. With supernatural powers, different abilities the gods seem equal in many ways but in others they are worlds apart. There is love to be found in this book that adds the light touch it needs to keep from being a totally dark book. I would recommend both books in the series to anyone wanting something to read tat isn't the usual fluff and doesn't mind a dark side.

5 out of 5 Stars

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