No Rules : Review

No Rules (Omega Group #1)
by Starr Ambrose

Jess Maulier's estranged father was more than the quiet professor of linguistics he appeared to be – she is shocked to discover he was also an operative for a covert group that rescues hostages. Before he died he left Jess a vital clue to a rescue. Unfortunately, it's in the form of a children's story, and she has no idea what it means. Though she resents the close professional and personal relationship the handsome and dangerous Tyler Donovan had with her absentee father, she turns to him for help.

But Tyler doesn't know how to interpret the story, either. An attempt to decipher it takes them to Egypt, where danger ignites sparks between them. Tyler can't get involved, though—Professor Shikovski advised him never to risk emotional attachments—and Jess tempts him more than could ever be safe. No matter how enticing she is, he has to maintain his distance to preserve his focus. But only mutual trust can save them from encroaching danger.

My Review
Jess's estranged father has died and when she goes back for his funeral she finds there was more to the man than she knew. She always thought he had walked away and left her with no worries. Now she finds he was in charge of helping rescue people from dangerous places. He was on a mission when he died. Now the Omega group believes he left the clues to what he was working with her. All she knows is the children's tales he told her for a her writing career. Tyler has to help her figure out the clues left behind. They have to travel to Egypt to try and figure out what they clues may be. Peoples lives depend on Jess figuring it out. As they are working close to each other they realize they can't stay apart. Tyler is nothing like the guys she is used to and Tyler can't afford to e attached to anyone in his line of work. The heart can't be stopped but their lives may be as someone doesn't want them getting to close to figuring out the clues.

Tyler is a closed off kind of man. He is dark, dangerous and will make your mouth water. He tries his best to keep from getting attached to anyone. Jess has had big problems in her past. She has issues from her childhood and has to work through them. She is used to quiet men who never push her buttons. She is a very smart woman who has an adventures side she is just realizing.

No only did I enjoyed the characters in this book I loved the background and plot. You get to visit Egypt and the author does a great job describing the places. It made me wish I could go and see these tombs myself and just the history when you think about it will wow you. Jess and Tyler are total opposites yet they seem to be perfect for each other. I love their connection. The sparks fly constantly between them. Besides the romance and heat of these two the plot keeps you guessing and on your toes. I kept trying to figure things out but couldn't do it and the author does a great job with twist and turns. This is the first book in the series and after finishing it I can not wait to read more in it. As fascinating as this one was I am eagerly waiting to see who the next one is about and where it will take me.

4 out of 5 Stars

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